I really think He does.

You have this heart of gold when it comes to others. Helping strangers out of need. Thinking the best of others. Reminding people to be positive.

There was one time when you just ran to help an uncle who dropped his tissues.

Every single time I’m complaining about my situation, you always try to see things from the positive light. Every time I’m saying bad things about someone, you are always the first to revoke, even when you don’t know the people, saying that there must be reasons why they are behaving that way.

“Think about it from their shoes,” you always say. And you really do. You always think of others from their shoes, always not wanting to hurt others or treat others the way you don’t want to be treated.

You always think of the little things, like bringing house gifts to my parents every time you come to visit, or bringing the umbrella when it looks like raining.

This kindness of yours, the one you might never notice, is the thing that makes me fall in love with you. The way you always stay behind and open the door for people. The way you walk last in a group to make sure everybody is first. Your selflessness.

I have always thought that, among God’s handiwork, He smiles the most when seeing you. You have a genuine heart that really cares about others, even when you don’t see it. Even when you don’t notice it.

The way you believe at something, it’s just pure faith. The way you believe in God’s goodness. The way you love another.

The way you love me.

Oh dear, I believe God smiles on the way you love me. I’m thanking Him each and every day that He gives you to me.

It’s your heart that makes me fall in love. And I believe out of God’s many handiwork, this heart is the one that makes God smiles the most.