Hi, my name’s Marcella, and I’m a writer.

The story of how I got into writing is really simple: when I was seventeen and about to study overseas, I reckoned it wouldn’t hurt to actually learn how to write in English properly. So I started this blog.

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I am a fourth-generation Chinese Indonesian who switches home between Melbourne and Jakarta frequently. I am also a daughter, sister, aunt and more recently, a fiancée. Don’t worry, this blog wouldn’t turn into a wedding blog. Although I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to resist writing about my relationship.

Most of all, this blog is not a how-to guide. It doesn’t even give you advices on specific problems or circumstances. I’m simply sharing my stories to let you know that if you’re going through the same things, hey, you’re not alone.

My dream is to become a published author. One of the things I wrote on my bucket list is to have a book with my name on it before I turn 25. The deadline’s coming soon, so I hope I’ll be able to share the good news, like, ASAP.

Some side notes:

  • One of the reasons I get out of bed most mornings is that I get to make my own coffee at home. (I have a gorgeous Breville Barista Express machine.)
  • I make decisions with an emphasis on emotion instead of logic.
  • For those of you who are into Myer-Briggs personality test, I’m an INFP.
  • I love prequels more than sequels.
  • I cry in watching most movies and reading most books.
  • I can’t keep a plant alive. Once, my partner gave me an air-plant-terrarium thing – the plant that is so low maintenance it couldn’t possibly die – and killed it.
  • I love quotes.
  • Hate is such a strong word, but the more I think about it, the more I think it’s true: I really hate frogs. Live ones. Dead ones on the plate at a Chinese restaurant are okay.

Ps. If you’re trying to find the story of my professional qualification, please head to my LinkedIn page.