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Last week, I attended a situational awareness training at my workplace on how to deal with upset, difficult, or aggressive customers, and the trainer was talking about empathy. I know that this doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with cooking, but hear me out.

He told us about his encounter with a stranger on a train with whom he felt a strong connection to. At that time, he was undergoing a really difficult time—his wife had just died. He was sitting on a train, reading newspaper, when a woman in front of him asked him whether he was divorced. There was a line on his finger where his wedding ring should be.

He told her that that he has been widowed for three months, and that he has three little children.

“So you know how difficult it is to be in the kitchen then,” she said to him. He was offended. Just because I’m a man doesn’t mean that I can’t cook, he thought.

“Oh, no, no,” the woman said, realising his face had changed. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m referring to feeling the dread when entering the kitchen, thinking, What should I cook for dinner tonight?”

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Is it just me, or every time I buy a package of Enoki mushrooms, I couldn’t finish it in one cooking, and half of them would end up in the fridge somewhere, forgotten, before being discarded?

Probably it’s just me.

Anyway, I was buying a package of Enoki mushrooms the other day to make Kimchi Soup, and I realised that using the whole thing is just too much Enoki. So I save half of them in the fridge for another cooking, determined that I would cook them tomorrow, because if not, I’ll forget.

After browsing for Enoki side dishes, I’ve decided to make this recipe. And it’s so good, it will straightaway go to my weekday rotation!

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Another easy pasta recipe.

I cook bolognese once every few months, as I usually make a huge batch and freeze three-quarters of them into separate portions, ready to be defrosted on a lazy cooking night.

And while it’s time consuming, this recipe is quite forgiving, basically all you need to do is to throw everything into the pan until they’re all cooked and leave everything on the pot to simmer to improve the flavour.

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This is probably the easiest pasta recipe. It’s perfect for weeknight cooking where you just don’t know what to cook and you want to cook something quick. And it’s so delicious as well!

My husband loves creamy pasta—you know, alfredo and carbonara type of thing, but I never can quite replicate the creaminess of the sauce, until now. Apparently there’s a trick to make such lovely, thick sauce, and I’ll share with you on how to do that on the method section!

The other great thing with this pasta is that you can pretty much substitute chorizo with anything you want. I’ve made it with bacon and chicken as well, and they both taste good.

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I love cooking sliced beef. It’s quick to cook, it’s easy, and it always ends up being a tasty dish.

Some months back I experimented with cooking beef enoki for the first time. I discovered that it’s actually super easy to make, hence it’s been cooked quite a lot ever since. The key is to buy thinly sliced beef, and I get mine from the Asian supermarket. I reckon you can buy the meat on a butcher shop and ask them to slice them very thinly as well.

For this dish, I use light teriyaki sauce which is straight from Adam Liaw’s recipe.

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Another dish of my childhood, and it seems—many others’ too.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I love eggs. Whenever I’m short of a dish, I add an ‘extra’ by cooking omelette, or steamed eggs, or boiled eggs with spicy sauces. I really think eggs are so yum.

This dish is so easy, I might just convince you to add this into your rotation.

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After discovering the beauty of chilli bean sauce, I use it practically for all my spicy stir-fry dishes, including the Szechuan Eggplants, Mapotofu, and this dish that I’m about to share with you.

Green beans with minced pork is a classic stir-fry in Asian cooking. Of course, if you don’t like spicy stuff, you can omit the chilli and just use fish sauce and pepper. But this dish is so quick and easy, it’s perfect for weekday cooking. Especially when it’s cold outside!

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When I’m too lazy to do stir-fries, but in need of some meat, nyupiang is the way to go!

It’s too easy: mix minced pork, egg, pickled lettuce, fish sauce, pepper, and sesame oil and steam ’em until they’re done (about 20 minutes or so, depending on how much you’re making them). It’s one of my favourite dishes growing up.

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I rarely cook steak. In this case, I define rarely as: once every four months kind of thing. Yes, it’s that rare.

But when I cook steak, it’s always Japanese Beef Steak. My friend asked me yesterday when I was having this for dinner: what’s the difference between normal steak and Japanese steak?

Well, the answer is simple: the sauce.

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I actually don’t know the formal name of this dish. A quick Google search shows a lot of variation, including Pek Cam Kee, Pek Cham Kee, Pacamke, and others. But Pakcamke is how my mother says it, so here you go.

In essence, pakcamke chicken is an Asian/Chinese dish that means steamed chicken served with garlic-ginger sauce. It’s so easy, and so delicious. I make this dish every two weeks just because of the craving!

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