1. Thinking positively even in the worst of situations will give you better perspectives on how to deal with problem.

2. Trust in relationship is one of the most important things – and proper maintenance is required.

3. Taking a shower or sleeping after meal will definitely make you fat.

4. Nice guys exist. And dating one is the best decision I have ever made.

5. Love is to forgive and forget. No matter how dire the mistakes are.

6. The one who loves you will accept you for whoever you are. No change is required.

7. It doesn’t matter how much broken your heart can be, somehow you will find the courage and the strength to get back up again.

8. It is easier to hate someone rather than to forgive them. Forgive anyway.

9. Great dates include the boring ones – you know, the times when you have KFC nights at home with DVDs.

10. Having that someone who will support your passion no matter what gives you extra courage to pursue your dreams.

11. Not planning a date may turn out to be the best date ever.

12. Not worrying about the future increases your productivity at present significantly.

13. Gut feeling is a good council. Trust it.

14. Always be nice to people and think from their shoes. You’ll never know what they have gone through.

15. Your significant other’s mood affects yours, and vice versa.

16. Tell the truth. All the time.

17. When having a fight, stay silent for the first ten minutes before saying something that you don’t actually mean.

18. There’s a relationship which “Let’s just break up!” phrase is never mentioned whenever in a fight. And it’s way better.

19. What are your priorities? Career? Relationship? Friends? Always prioritise the most important things.

20. Public display of affection may mean the world. It shows that you are a couple and you actually act like one. In moderation, of course.

21. Speaking well of your significant other in front of your friends, even though he’s not physically there, actually improves the quality of your relationship.

22. Commitment, promise, whatever you want to call it, is a real thing. Keep your commitment. Stay true to your promises.

23. Every girl wants to be fought for. But fighting for each other is much more beautiful.

24. When you go off-track, there will always be someone who reminds you of how things should be.

25. Life is not designed to be spent alone.

26. When you love someone, you always want to make them happy. It’s always about them, not you.

27. A hug can heal a broken heart.

28. He who loves you will always tell you’re beautiful even when you have gained so much weight. Because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and to him, you always are.

29. Relationship is not a bed of roses, but it is not a bed of thorns either.

30. When you love someone, distance and age are just numbers. Although technically, distance really causes a lot of trouble.

31. A man wants respect. A woman wants understanding.

32. Two is better than one.

Happy 32nd monthsary dear. I can’t wait to spend many more months and years with you.