Two thousand and fourteen will be the year when we celebrate our third year anniversary, on which two and a half years are spent under the umbrella ‘long-distance relationship’. Oh, how I wish to be out of the reach from that umbrella.

It’s so fast, isn’t it? It feels like yesterday when you first asked me for coffee. Everytime I remember that moment, I cover my face in shame and feel like digging my own grave. You know, I was dead nervous. And when I am over-the-top nervous, I will start talking, nonstop, about nonsense.

Oh, don’t laugh, you. I know back then you were trying hard to stop yourself from bursting into laughter. It’s a good thing that you didn’t completely lost any interest in me. You even thought that it was cute of me. Right?

Or maybe not. Point is, it’s been (almost) three years! How time flies. We’ve had countless coffees, countless trips to the cinemas, museums, theme parks, and zoos. Now I am no longer shy to be anything but myself in front of you. I hope you are that comfortable being with me too.

I know, two thousand and thirteen was a difficult year for both of us. But we persevered. We’ve gone through many challenges and mostly they were my fault. We were separated by sea and land and even when the only remedy we need was each other’s arms, we couldn’t have the luxury. Long distance relationship was hard. We didn’t really expect that, didn’t we? We thought that it would be okay (and yes, it is going to be okay), and we would definitely beat the odds, staying together even when we were not physically together.

Countless people question our relationship. It started from our age difference, then snowballed to us being in long distance. But we keep on fighting for each other.

And I’m really glad that you fight for me.

You’ve fought for me when I was down, when I was still searching my way out. You’ve fought for me even at the times when I didn’t deserve to be fought for. You still fight for me through thin and thick, and you’ve helped me found myself once again.

Thank you.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for believing in me when I’ve lost confidence in myself. Thank you for loving me when I didn’t deserve it at all. Thank you for choosing me.

Yes, we’ve gone through a lot. And I have a feeling that we’ll be going through so much more together (awesome things, of course). And we are going to be okay.

Dear, will two thousand and fourteen be the year? Will this year be the year when we no longer say goodbye? Will we be finally together in one city?

I can’t foresee what will happen in the next eleven months and two and a half weeks, but I’d still rather spend them with you, with or without distance.