The best thing about staying at home, being a part-time babysitter and full-time whatever-you-want? Taking afternoon naps.

afternoon nap

Like, you know those crucial hours at work on which you just need to take power nap in order to function properly? Now I can get a full one hour (hopefully uninterrupted by baby’s crying) afternoon nap! Whoa, it’s such a revelation.

I can’t emphasise enough of how I love sleep. And by love, I mean really, really love it. Waking up before the sun does was a total agony I wish I never have to experience ever again (well, unlikely). I hate not getting enough sleep because it makes me cranky and moody. Simply put, the days when I have premonition of, “This isn’t my day,” are mostly the days when I don’t get enough sleep. Yeap, you don’t want to get near me when I’m having one of those days.

My boyfriend always regards this behaviour as “excessive sleeping”. He says that I need to exercise having eight hours of sleep everyday and not more. But the call of blanket, pillow, and bed is so strong, you know?

My mother calls this “total laziness”.

“A girl shouldn’t wake up past 10 am in the morning,” she says all the time.

“In fact, a girl should wake up at 7, or the latest 8 every day. Back in my time…”

And so on.

Well, I did wake up at 10 every day for the past month… (except for the last three days). It’s holiday, you know?

Anyway, back to afternoon naps. I think it’s a glorious creation, although only 14 per cent of the world population (okay, I just made the number up) is actually able to access this luxury trip to the dreamland.

I guess I will savour every opportunity I have, and hopefully I will be able to make good use of all the time that I currently have at the moment.

Oh yes, I’m still (sort of) on holiday, in Singapore, taking care of my newborn baby nephew, working on a not-so-secret project (I’m designing my own personal namecard! Check my Instagram for sneak preview), and enjoying life (a little bit too much).


Photo by Peter Shelk