21 things i've learned about long distance relationship

1. Smelling someone wearing his perfume will trigger your brain to produce unlikely chemicals that will pierce your heart, as if reminding you, he’s not here.

2. It’s very possible to be crying on your bed until you fall asleep after those encounters with some strangers with the same perfume.

3. Your friends will be ooh-ing and ahh-ing and admiring your decision and wishing you luck but truth is they will wonder how long will you stay as a couple. Clearly, it never did work for them.

4. You will start reading a lot of stories about how long-distance relationship works, and asking your friends and theirs if it really does work, just because you want it to work, but the statistics are against you.

5. When you get angry at him you can’t shout or cry in front of him. But after those silent treatments and dozens of unreplied messages later you two would have had cooled your heads off and problems will resolve.

6. You will always envy someone walking down the street who has their partner to show to the world. You will always wish you are in a normal relationship, then.

7. You will always wish you’re just like every other couple. Didn’t I just tell you that your friends think differently about yours?

8. Commitment is the major force in life that you cherish. Apart from love, that is.

9. You can wish so hard for him to be here until your stomach aches and then be grateful that he’s not or else you’ll spend 99% of your time with him. It’s normal.

10. People will be counting the days to your breakup to say, “See, I told you so.” Because if it didn’t work for them, it wouldn’t work for anyone else. You’ll believe otherwise.

11. Valentine’s day sucks. You know, just because you have a date, but oh wait, he’s not here, so you don’t really have a date.

12. Making time is vital, especially with all those time differences and lives of your own. Truth is, if you don’t grow together, you’ll grow apart.

13. You wonder why you are stuck with distance. Then he gives you a surprise text of two words: ‘missing you’. Then you’re smiling like a little girl on Christmas.

14. When you finally meet him, you’ll cherish him like life itself.

15. There’s no getting used to saying goodbyes. Not now, maybe not ever.

16. To count down the days on when you finally can meet up is one of the happiest things on earth. It gives you hope.

17. When you finally fight, and you will, life’s so bad cause he ain’t never gonna see you cry. But you’ll overcome those problems and your relationship will become twice stronger than before.

18. When you are down you will feel twice the burden it actually is, cause you just realised he’s not going to be here to wipe your tears, pat your head, and tell you everything’s gonna be alright.

19. When you are happy you will feel half the happiness, cause you just realised he’s not going to be here to hug you and celebrate with you.

20. You’ll miss him 98% of the time and feel like your heart is going to burst. And then you’ll sleep and forget about it for a while and you’ll wake up reminded of it again. It’s driving you crazy.

21. Long distance relationship is not for everyone. And it’s hard. It’s harder than a lot of things. But it’s worth it in the end. Because he’s worth it.