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I really think He does. You have this heart of gold when it comes to others. Helping strangers out of need. Thinking the best of others. Reminding people to be positive.

You always think of the little things, like bringing house gifts to my parents every time you come to visit, or bringing the umbrella when it looks like raining.

This kindness of yours, the one you might never notice, is the thing that makes me fall in love with you. The way you always stay behind and open the door for people. The way you walk last in a group to make sure everybody is first. Your selflessness.

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This story is a sequel to One day. And it’s a story about hope. But most of all, it’s always been a story about love.

9.51am. She was on her way, but she was restless.

Nervous. Her hands sweating, her heart pounding. She checked the time, 10.01am. Don’t worry, she said to herself, you’ll get there on time.

She closed her eyes and tried to sleep, but couldn’t. She looked out of the window, but her mind was racing.

Soon, she said to herself. Soon.

She felt like it was the longest bus ride she had ever been.

The girl began to look at her phone, and stared at the background photo. Her smiling happily while resting her head on a guy’s shoulder, and the guy who is kissing her head while wrapping his right arm around her.


Soon, she mumbled. Soon.

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