Today, I count my blessings.

I sit here on my bed, listening to my newfound favourite song, Passenger’s Let Her Go. Somehow, the lyrics are simple. The tunes are simple. But behind those simple words, there’s some truth.

A friend gave me that song a couple of months ago. She posted the lyrics on Instagram and I didn’t understand them back then. But this morning I woke up and suddenly this song is all I can think about. I really don’t know why, perhaps it is my hidden dream to become a songwriter and write deep, meaningful lyrics.

And today, I count my blessings.

This past week, I have been so loved by so many people. I have great mentors. I have awesome friends. Lovely family. Understanding lover. I couldn’t have possibly asked for more. I couldn’t.

I count my blessings.

Through things that have happened the past week, I realise that, really, I have been loved by so many people. I have been cared by so many of them, so, so much. They all have become shoulders to lean on, ears to talk to. They have imparted stories, advices, opinions, life lessons.

I couldn’t have possibly asked for more.

One of my writings has been asked to be republished at a governmental website. My boss complimented my work in one sentence that surpassed all compliments. My parents have tried to understand me and given me more trust and freedom to choose how to live my life.

My mentors, ah, my mentors. I couldn’t have possibly asked for better ones. You all care, deeply care about me. Perhaps way much more than I care. You think of what would be the best for me. You weigh the pros and cons with me together. You listen to my ramblings. You spare your time. You invest those time in me.

Thank you. Really, thank you.

And you. Thank you. Really. You have understood me the most, exactly when I need it. Thank you.

I count my blessings.

And today, today, life is good.