how fun are you

I don’t think I’m fun to be with.

Like, the reason pranks are so popular and memes rule the internet is because they are fun, right? They bring light towards this dark world, providing a sincere distraction from the reality we face which consists of doubt, worry, hatred, mistake, difficult choices, bad luck, and so on, so forth.

We watch Korean Reality TV show Running Man to fill our brains with one and a half hour of worry-free environment. We scroll through 9gag to discover new stuffs that offer some kind of entertainment.

To be honest, I don’t laugh enough. I just don’t. Not in that worry-free kind of laugh anyway. I chuckled, I smiled, I released some giggles. I just don’t laugh out loud that much.

I am not really a fun girl to be with. Nor a fun writer. I have always wanted to write like Jon Acuff whose brain has a truckload of sense of humour. But nah, jokes and humours aren’t really my forte, and I am not a good storyteller either… Well, at least in person I’m not. At times I wonder if I really am a writer as I really suck at live storytelling.

Things that strike a chord with me are the ones about life, and love, and relationship, and dreams, and passion, and the lot. Heavy stuffs, I know. The articles  I share are always about a life worth living about. Yes, I do share occasional memes and jokes, but honestly, not that much.

Do I bore you with this piece already? Sorry, according to my second sister, that’s my specialty. Like, I used to go home and tell her a story about what I did during the day and what happened with that friend and what coffee I had and she was already shutting down by the time I uttered the third word.

Which makes me ask this question: Am I having fun?

Honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve fulfilled my fun quota, and at times, it’s making me feel miserable about myself. Like, seriously? What is life without lots of laughs and having fun and doing stupid stuffs once in a while? When is the last time you laugh so hard you are crying, laughing, and not breathing at the same time?

Like, you know, some people are natural fun radiators. And you almost always want to hang out with them every you’ve got. I almost always want to be like them.

Which makes me think that Marilyn Monroe is right. If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.


Photo by amanda tipton