Contagious superhero fever is currently possessing the whole world. Girls, who will you choose as your date?

With the releases of The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman, and The Dark Knight Rises, 2012 is definitely the year of superheroes. For girls, that means we have great movies to entertain ourselves, plus fantastic opportunities for sightseeing. Where else can you find highly popular, handsome guys with cool muscles and well-built bodies and unreal powers?

If only they are real.

Below I have compiled the A-list superheroes from both DC and Marvel comics, complete with their pros and cons. As a universal con, if you are afraid of heights, it is unlikely that you will like any of them, cause they can, well, really fly, or jump between buildings, or climb buildings, or, you know, that kind of thing.

As universal pros (or cons, depending on how you see them), they are also highly popular, are highly demanded throughout the world, are on a high scale on good-looking criteria, have muscular bodies, and have a responsibility (-ish) towards the peacekeeping of the universe.

Here we go.

Superhero #1: Batman

Christian Bale as Batman

Batman is a DC comic superhero which is one of my favourites. He is an orphan whose parents owned the Wayne company, and he is extremely rich. He has the coolest gadgets ever but lives in the worst city – Gotham. Nevertheless, his calling on improving Gotham is as high as is life calling. And oh, his first love died. I don’t think the scar would ever heal. Especially when she chose another man before him right before she died.

Pros: Batman has the best car, the best motorcycle, the best flying car, and other cool gadgets. He is backed up by two loyal men – Mr. Fox and Alfred. He lives in a mansion. He knows how to treat a woman, and will even sacrifice his life for his lover. 

Cons:He loves Gotham too much that he would always put you as his number two.

Superhero #2: Spiderman

Tobey Maguire as Spiderman

A hero of the Marvel comic, Spiderman is my favourite hero number two. Not the Andrew Garfield’s version though. Spiderman has lost his beloved uncle because of his pride, and always remembers that “with great power comes great responsibility”. He will always be giving his power to save the city, but don’t worry, his heart will always be yours.

Pros: Your most romantic moment would be when he kisses you upside-down, and you will remember it for life. He is good at photography, so in his spare time you will be treated like a model. He is an honest and loyal man who loves his family, and does whatever it takes to protect them.

Cons: Out of all the superheroes, he is one of the most broke. He has no money, although you never need to care about transportation if you don’t mind your night gown and hair-do to be ruined. He is not the romantic type – in fact he’s a little bit geeky and uncool. He might get into your nerves sometimes.

Superhero #3: Ironman

Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman

The millionaire from Marvel comic, Ironman, is next on the list. Ironman is very rich, in fact he might be the richest among all mortal superheroes. Yes, he has the coolest gadgets too. He is even smarter than Batman because, well, he makes his own gadgets. He can fly; his costume can shoot stuffs; his supercomputer can do almost everything. He is adventurous and less caring about the world.

Pros: He is rich. Do I need to repeat that again? You can have anything that you want, and probably more. He is smart. Ironman is definitely the perfect date to be boasted around among your friends, because you don’t need to help conceal his identity. He will make you laugh, for he has a good sense of humour. Plus, by definition he doesn’t really attend to the peacekeeping of the city, so you’ll have more of him. And with him, life is an adventure.

Cons: Ironman is a playboy. He is a very proud being, well, rightfully so, and a very stubborn one. I don’t know about you, but I hate guys with a very high pride. And it’s unlikely that he would lower his pride for you, except in some exceptional cases. And if you need constant reassurance that he loves you, it’s also unlikely for him to do so. Uh-oh.

Superhero #4: Captain America

Chris Evans as Captain America

Marvel’s Captain America is from the 40’s. He has been in deep sleep for almost 70 years. He missed his date, and I bet he’s curious on how things would go if he did go to that date. Maybe deep inside, he’s still asking the ‘what if’ question. Captain America has a very patriotic spirit towards his country. In sum, he is a humble and decent guy.

Pros: He is decent. Probably the type of guy that your parents would want you to marry. He has good manners and probably the best well-built body among all others (at least to my taste). He strikes as the loyal type, and waits for the right one. In sum, he’s looking for a serious relationship.

Cons: His highly patriotic spirit might get to your nerves once in a while. Not to say, as he lives in the 40’s, he has a very conservative and old-fashioned way of thinking. He might have no friends, might not know the places to go for a date, and he doesn’t know how to dance. You ought to teach him.

Superhero #5: Hulk

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk

Hulk, or the other guy, is not the popular choice as a boyfriend, I reckon. Hulk is made due to a lab experiment going wrong, in which the scientist Bruce Banner would turn into this green, all-powerful, always-angry Hulk everytime his heartbeat raises. He is always on the run, for Bruce himself can’t really control his incredible power, and at times might bring harm instead of good towards the people that he wants to help.

Pros: Hulk (or Bruce) is a very loyal man. He is smart and when he’s not the Hulk, I bet he’s very loving and gentle.

Cons: He’s the Hulk. Your life would forever be on the run. The smallest argument you have with him might destroy a village.

Superhero #6: Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

The son of a god, Marvel’s Thor has awesome power of being able to control the lightning using his hammer. He is a very proud being, though, and dressed weirdly. Odds are he has a very different way of thinking than yours. Well, he’s a god.

Pros: He’s a god. He’s good looking. He has a good body.

Cons: You don’t see him often. In fact, he may only see you like, once in a year? Maybe. Who knows when he will come back. No phone calls, no emails, no nothing. You will need to hang on to his promises and believe that his heart is real. And you’ll need to do a lot of waiting. Really lots of it.

Superhero #7: Superman

Brandon Routh as Superman

DC’s Superman is one of the most well-known superheroes. Not everyone knows Thor, but everyone from all ages definitely knows Superman. He has the universe to look after. He can fly. He might have no cool gadgets, but he has innate superpowers instead.

Pros: He can fly. He loves you. He’s an idealist. He will protect you no matter what.

Cons: He wears his underwear outside. He’s an alien – the last of his kind. He has too many enemies. And for you, he might need to leave you.

Which superhero will you date?

Ps. I choose Spidey.