counting the days

June will be over soon, and here comes July.

Here comes the time when we say goodbye to the first half of the year. Here is the time when we welcome the untold adventures that have been waiting in the next (even better) part of the year.

Truth to be told, I haven’t been writing that much. I’ve forgotten about my stats and analytics and I’m enjoying dates with my boyfriend. I immerse myself in the laughs of my baby nephew. I pick my lazy self out of the house and do some catch up with my good friends. And yes, I’ve been trying to pack and repack and put things into order.

In a sense, I’m counting days.

I’m counting days to start a new chapter.

These past and coming weeks would be me, trying to tie all the loose ends. There will be suitcases to be filled and goodbyes to be said and arrangements to be done. I’m still not sure how much I would miss my baby nephew, because perhaps the answer will be too much. But in the other hand I’m saying goodbye to something I am really, really eager to be apart from.

I’m saying goodbye to long distance.

After three years of being in one, I really, really can’t wait to be living in one city. To meet each other on weekends and socialise with the same friends and be immersed in the same community.

Finally, finally, we can say no more goodbyes.

I’m saying hello too. Soon, I’ll be having a new occupation, or I should really say, I’m going to take my old occupation once again.

I’m going to be a student once more.


I’ll be studying Master’s.

While most of my friends are graduating from their studies (those who straightaway go to study Master’s after finishing their Bachelor’s), I’m enrolling once again. It’s a bit ironic, considering the situation (while my friends are studying, I’m somewhat making money. Now while they are earning big money, I’m once again spending tons of money on an education that may or may not give me a job afterwards).

I’ll be coming back to Melbourne that I don’t know. Yet. I have been away for one and a half year and when I come back next month, my friends would be gone. I would have different routines, different kinds of communities. I would meet different people. I would have different responsibilities.

I’m excited, but at the same time, I’m also scared.

Scared because this Master’s would be ‘it’ – the last helpline. The last draw from going to adulthood. After this, my education would be complete and it doesn’t matter if I want to, or if I don’t want to, or if I love to or hate to, I would have to be one. To be the person I’ve always dreamed to be.

I’m counting days.

I’m counting days to let go of the past. I’m counting days to a chance to start over. I’m counting days to seize new opportunities.

I’m counting days to once again dream new dreams.

…But of course in the mean time, I’ll kiss my baby nephew once more.


Photo by Anna Gearheart