you'll find yourself

It hurts like hell, I know.

I am here listening to you, and yet I can’t give you any shoulder to lean on. I can’t hug you and tell you that everything’s gonna be alright.

I don’t know the right words to say. Nor the right things to do. I can’t tell you what to do next, or even suggest things for you to do, because really, they are not going to help. They are just words. What you need right now is much, much more than that.

My friend, I’m sorry I can’t be there. I’m sorry that this thing happens to you. I don’t know the reason why, and saying that everything happens for a reason is truly another thing that you don’t need right now. You don’t need to hear that. What you need to know is how to stop the aching from going to bed in tears every night, and how to wake up in the morning and still have the hope that something good will happen today.

I want to tell you that time heals everything. I want to tell you that you are strong – one of the strongest people I know, and I know you will overcome this. But deep down, I know you already know these things. Time will heal any wound, but time is unpredictable. It could be months. It could even be years. How to even get over next week? You still don’t have any idea how to, except to just let it be.

It must hurts like hell.

And I know you are deeply, deeply hurt.

If you don’t know at this exact moment why things turn out this way, just believe that one day you will.

Know for sure that one day will come, and when you look back at this particular moment, you’ll be looking back at a scar that has fully faded. Believe in a better tomorrow.

This thing breaks you, but you are stronger than that. You will bounce back. I believe so. No, I know so. You are made of the sea and the stars, and one day you will find yourself again.


Photo by sara biljana, Creative Commons