7 ways to kill friendship

1. Do a group project together. By the end of it, you’ll get so sick of each other, you don’t even want to sit at the same table during class.

2. Become housemates (or worse, roommates). She’s dirty. He’s unorganised. She gets home late and brings people over. He wants peace and quiet. She doesn’t do the housechores. Yada, yada, yada.

3. Travel together. Do not, and I repeat, do not underestimate the power of seeing each other 24/7 with no refuge of being alone. (Right, friend? Hint hint nudge nudge.)

4. Get a boyfriend. Less time to meet up. Less time to catch up. Oh, I can hear the dying sound of our friendship…

5.  Being late to appointments. All the time. By a significant amount of time. Well, if you don’t value my time, how can I know that you will be there in times of need?

6. Be persistent on your point of view. Are you an Australian/Indonesian? Good, we can talk about the Bali9. Let’s debate the topic. Civilly. Uh, we’re talking about the topic here, don’t attack me as a person. You’re making no sense. Let’s agree to disagree. No? Fine, tell you what, we’re through.

7. Pry into their personal issues. You don’t really get the permission to, but you keep bugging them about what happened during their childhood and the traumas they might have endured (you might think it is well intended) even when they clearly don’t want to talk about it.

Bonus point: Play a game together, and foster the urge to be super competitive. Some people play games to play, others play to solely win above the others.

Adios, ex-amigo.

Photo by amira_a, Creative Commons