We made it.

We traveled mountains, hills, coasts, beaches, and deserts. We went to the border of Victoria and New South Wales. We dodged a kangaroo. We made puns. We ate ten different cuisines. We upgraded our humour skill to the next level.

And we didn’t kill each other.

This graduation trip has been memorable, exciting, and beautiful. It’s been wonderful. It is full of memories that we all will remember for years to come.

The explorers (and their nicknames during the trip):

  1. Edwin Wong: the man who can do anything, pilot, scholar, kangaroo-dodger, TV-repairer
  2. Timothy Lam: the co-pilot, navigator, pun master
  3. Steven Tannason: the man who knows everything, pun apprentice, Lo han kuo master
  4. Regina Karis: the big sister
  5. Marcella Purnama: (still) relationship geek

Highlights of the trip:

  1. Our pilot, Edwin, dodged a kangaroo that was about to cross the street on the mountains of Grampians.
  2. Tim’s comment to Steven on the eve of his birthday as they were about to share a bed: “I don’t think this is how you imagine spending your 20th birthday – sleeping with another man.”
  3. Pun overdose. Examples:
    Q: “Which actor is a good cook?” A: “Zac Apron.”
    Q: “Which actor can’t you trust?” A: “Christian Bail.”
    Q: “Which singer likes to eat at McDonalds?” A: “McDonna.”
  4. Talks about life, relationship, and everything else in between.
  5. Staying at a one-street city, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and learning more about Ned Kelly.
  6. Edwin Wong, Regina Karis, Timothy Lam, and Steven Tannason – you guys are irreplaceable.

And since we are all students (or ex-students), there must be some lessons learned:

  1. It’s completely normal for two girls to share a bed, it’s completely less normal for two guys to share one.
  2. The sign showing kangaroo image is real. Kangaroos do cross the road without looking left or right.
  3. Waking up at 8am everyday is possible.
  4. Technology is a life-saver. Without GPS and Googlemap, we’ll arrive someplace that doesn’t exist.
  5. Plans are there to be broken if necessary. Be flexible.
  6. Weather and food do influence our mood.

Memorable quotes:

  1. “I don’t think this is how you imagine spending your 20th birthday – sleeping with another man.” (Tim)
  2. “I’m a very serious person.” (Steven, while laughing)
  3. “I’m a very shy person.” (Steven, while laughing again)
  4. “I’m sorry I’m not sorry.” (Regina)
  5. “Life’s tough.” (Steven)
  6. “E-chew-ca.” (Tim)
  7. “Ke-babes.” (Tim)
  8. “How’s life?” (Steven)
  9. “It’s been PUNtastic and THORrific.” (all)
  10. “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” (Edwin, quoting a Chinese proverb)

It’s less than a month to graduation, and we will go our separate ways. Some will go to do post-grad degrees, some will stay, and another will go back home. But I hope our friendship remains strong.

Thanks guys, you all make my university life so much colourful, and yes, it’s been a PUNtastic and THORrific journey! Couldn’t have survived it without you all :).

One day, we’ll plan our five-year reunion trip to Bali!

Ps. To see the photos of our graduation trip, see Graduation Trip part 1, part 2, and part 3.