morning person

Call it jetlag. It’s been a couple of days since being back home from a country from the other side of the world (read: Canada) and I have found myself waking up at 5am, 6am, and 7am. If this is a normal morning wake-up call for you, I have got to applaud you, dear morning creatures. I used to wake up at 9.

I love sleep. Almost more than anything, really. What makes it weird is that I clearly lack sleep during my holiday trip, and when I got back home, by 11pm I have stopped functioning and by around 6am, my brain starts beeping uncontrollably, forcing me to kick the blanket. If seven hours of sleep is always enough for you, well, usually I need at least 10.

Yes, I call it jetlag.

The weirdest thing is being a morning person is that actually, it’s really not a bad idea, if you really can wake up for it. Yesterday I finished creating a new eBook guide (and sent it to a friend for feedback, she told me to get an illustrator to work at the formatting and it would be awesome. Any volunteer? Oh, do I see your hand back there? You, yes you.) in two hours. Can you believe it?

Another weird thing that happens is that I actually feel that I’ve got all the time in the world. Like, I already have a proper breakfast and it’s still eight in the morning! Never knew this could actually happen in my life.

I don’t know how long could I manage this condition, but when it lasts I think I ought to put it into good use (editing the eBook that’s going to be out tomorrow for the umpteenth time, for example).

Wishing you all a great, wonderful, lovely day!


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Photo by Antonia Picascia