To write is to create art.
To write is to reflect on the past, to retell the present, and to recreate the future.
To write is to experience, to imagine, to dream.
To write is to fly, to let yourself consume you for a moment, to believe, and to fall in love once more.

To write is to fear, to be challenged and yet be rewarded.
To write is to learn seeing the mirror, to be honest of who you are, whoever you are.
To write is to smile, to cry, to laugh, to kiss.
To write is an act of loyalty, to not cheat on the game of solitaire.

To write is to taste the beauty of life.
To write is to stay silent in the solitude of a few words, and to speak countless stories for those who don’t have a voice.
To write, is to keep sanity.

And we writers, write.

We write to freeze the moment, and to create a time machine of our own.
We write to to tell a tale in words where no melody can sing.
We write to remember, to revive the memories that unless would be long forgotten.
We write to travel to the places unknown, to the places that do not exist.
We write to make a world of our own, where dragons and unicorns live.

We write to create magic.
We write to gain a sense of eternity.
We write to live forever.
We write to live, and yet we do not live to write.

We write to understand life, and most of all, we write to give life a second chance.

Marcella Purnama ’12.

why we write