it's time to stop binge reading

I feel like my short attention span is killing me slowly.

I was doing my research paper when I decided I’d take a break and read something good. I wasn’t sure how, but I ended up at Mitch Albom’s website and I began to read some of this writings. Then I came across this: Mitch Albom’s advice for journalists and writers on writing.

If you’re like most people, you’d give up after skimming the article. If you’re an aspiring writer or journalist, you might try to actually read the article. After you reach the first subheading, you’ll get the urge to flick through Facebook first before going back to read it again, as there’s a …(1) notification.

I was tempted. So tempted. But I forced myself to stay with the article and read it at my good read pace, not at my skimming’s pace, until the end.

I finished the article, felt inspired and suddenly thought to write this post.

Short attention span is too real.

I’ve been spoiled with reading short articles that I somehow have lost my edge in reading long ones. I’ve started a new book two weeks ago and I haven’t gone past page 52. Have I lost my ability to just sit down with a book with a cup of tea for the rest of the day?

(Not that I have the time to do that now, but still.)

I want to start reading good, long articles. Good feature articles. Not another one of those articles titled 7 Things You Should Know In Your 20s. Not all those binge reading trashy articles and stories.

Reading Mitch Albom’s advice on writing has actually reminded me of my love for good, long writing. One day, I’ll want to write like that.

But in the mean time, let me learn, once again, to read stories with quality.


Photo by Kamil Porembinski, Creative Commons