this too shall pass

Remember what I wrote in the last blog? I came to the conclusion that going two steps forward and one step back is still a progress well made.

Well, after that shitty day (and night, and midnight, and dawn), I had coffee with a good friend and we were just ranting about our days.

At one point, I said, ‘Life is hard.’

To which she replied, ‘It could have been worse.’


My bad day consists of a seven-week delayed coffee machine, a $35 excess of phone bill and a super slow seven-year-old MacBook White that’s ready to get some serious update (I’ve repented and finally bought 8 gb RAM online). My friend’s bad day consists of a serious fight with her parents, which is much worse than my bad day at any given time.

Other people’s bad days? Could be a terminal illness or an empty stomach with an empty wallet.

Really, it could have been worse.

And there will always be someone else who’s fighting a harder battle.

I know. But most times I just forgot.

So if you’ve had a bad day, in the spirit of my conversion into one-of-those-The-Big-Bang-Theory-fans, I’d say this: make yourself a hot beverage and say, ‘This too shall pass.’

‘Cos it will.

Photo by Answer Edwards, Creative Commons