It’s been almost a week since I’ve lived my old life back and it’s been a hell of a ride. Like, it’s not until you are actually back in Melbourne again that you realise how much you’ve missed it.

And I’ve missed my life. A lot.

Back then, life was simple. Back then when I was still an undergrad university student, life was definitely a lot simpler. You only need to think about the next assignment, the next exam, and you’d have holiday and after a short break you’d go back to studying once more. It was, really, that simple. You don’t need to think of what’s next (at least, not that far-beyond-what’s-next thingy), you just need to survive another semester.

These past few days, I have gone to some catch-up sessions with different groups of friends and I just love each and every one of them. Really, really love them. Most of my friends are still in university, doing Master’s or further studies of some sorts, and I have to admit that I really miss being a student. Perhaps, perhaps, I will get that profession back in the near future.

And we begin to talk.

Life, relationship, work, studying, and everything else in between.

Somehow, telling each other about our lives and filling up the gaps in the stories make me realise one thing: everyone is fighting their own life’s battles.

Let me explain.

be kind

Do you know the quote, “Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle”? It’s really, really true.

Like, it is human nature to be selfish. To only think about ourselves and focus on our needs and our wants and our rights and our everything. We are programmed to believe, “Let my every need is fulfilled first, and then, only then, I will think about others’.” But really, your wants and needs will never be fulfilled perfectly. And really, you’re actually much happier in thinking about others more than yourself.

I told them my share of the story. On my internship, my work, my relationship, my battle, and stuff. I thought I’ve had life pretty intense. But then I’ve found out that one of my friends is struggling with his relationship. Another one is struggling with his studies, or in his words, “I have never been this uncertain in my whole life.” Another friend is on the crossroad, thinking to continue her studies the way it is or take another u-turn to master in another subject.

Another dear friend has just ended her relationship. Or maybe the right way to say it is, another friend’s relationship has been forced to an end. One other is confused and lost, for she has made rather big mistakes.

Everyone is really fighting their own battles. The friends on whom you grow up with might laugh in front of you while drinking their coffee, but deep inside, they are faking a smile and bury their pain. Your best friend might be hurting, and yet she still puts on a mask and just hugs you tight.

As one grows up, life happens more. We are no longer children or teenagers who have our life paths set out for us. We are now adults who need to take responsibilities of our own actions. We are adults who make choices and learn more about living, and not only about living, but on living well. On living fulfilled lives.

If you’re fighting a battle at the moment, I just want to tell you that you’re not alone. That you’re not the only one. Truth is, we are all fighting our own battles, no matter how small or big they are. We might fall, we might stumble, but I really believe that everything will turn out okay in the end. We just need to keep getting up.

Be kind to people. Give a smile to your friend who’s crying. Ask them out for coffee. Pay the bills if you have to. Lend an ear, a shoulder, a hug. The world doesn’t revolve around us.

On a last note, here’s a quote that I want to leave you with – the wise words of Hugh Mackay, author of The Good Life:

“No one can promise you that a life lived for others will bring you a deep sense of satisfaction, but it’s certain that nothing else will.