I was 18 when I first came here
with a hope one day, I’d nail that shiny certificate down –
a degree, some knowledge, and a grown-up character
Oh boy, that one day has come

I got myself a degree in Arts
Majoring in what all think to mean ‘reading people’
and another that cries ‘entertainment’
But I think I’m just the lucky one
who actually studies what she really wants

I’m trying to kiss my uni life goodbye
but it seems harder than I thought
No more security, no more skipping classes
Responsibility and maturity are my new bosses
But somehow, the hardest thing of them all
is realising that we’ll never be the same

We’ll go places, I’ve never doubted that
One day, I’ll see you on Television,
or maybe the New York Times
I’ll read your books, and hopefully, you’ll read mine
we’ll have coffee and crack jokes about the old time,
for the old time’s sake

But still, it’s hard to let you go,
for you and me, we’ve grown up together

I’ve earned a degree, but that’s just the first stop
It’s time for me to dream new dreams,
Perhaps, it’s your time too.
This is the part where Dr. Seuss screams,
“Oh, the places you’ll go!”
on top of his lungs
while preparing you for the journey untold

And you know what?
We have a terrific time, but I’m afraid, time’s running out
So before we walk different paths, I hope once more, you can stay
cos I’ll never be the same, without you on the way

And for the record, dear,
I know,
that I’ll miss you, a thousand times over

Marcella Purnama, BA (Psychology & Media and Communication), Writer.

Author’s note: I’m graduating! Come to see me wearing my well-earned regalia (and hopefully, with graduation teddy bears, flowers, and the shiny certificate)  on 14 December 2012, at Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne. Ceremony starts at 11am, so please come before or after the event (10am or 1.30pm). Hope to see all of you there :).