Have you ever wondered what a girl is actually saying? Have you ever wondered why girls are so complicated? Well, sometimes, because we like dropping hints.

What kind of hint am I dropping? Photo by Tjokro Aminoto

Girls love to drop hints. We even love it more when you can actually catch them. To those who can’t, this can be a little bit of problem.

I believe that 73 per cent (I’m a Psychology students, I like giving stats that are not credible) of all fights between couples are due to miscommunication. The girl has something in her mind, communicates it vaguely, the boy understands a bit, and makes a whole new story. Then the girl feels that, “You never try to understand me!”, and the boy mutters under his breath, “Oh great, again? What did I do this time,” and…

And that’s just the start.

Here I’m trying to decode some popular hints we girls say to the boys. They are by no mean always accurate, but who knows, they might be useful for you.

1. “It’s up to you.”

Tricky. And it can be anywhere from the caring level or the borderline of danger zone. Sometimes girls say this when we are asked where to have dinner. Or what to do on the weekend. Or where to date. Or which movie to watch. And yes, it is tricky.

First, it can mean that, “Well, I don’t really have any preference. You can choose anything and I’ll tag along.” This means, if you keep on pressing her to tell what she really wants, she would become a time bomb. Besides, girls like to be lead. So boys, start making choices and lead (but be flexible with your choices to accommodate her needs and wants, too).

Second, it can mean that, “Well, I can’t think of anything right now, but you’ve been with me for quite some time. I’m sure you know what I like and will choose wisely.” Frankly speaking, she doesn’t know what she wants but she expects you to know what she wants. A pain? Well, we like surprises that go according to our taste. Be careful in choosing. If she hates horror movie, don’t choose the next Paranormal Activity to watch. She’ll explode.

Third, it can mean that, “Well, I have something in mind, but I don’t want to look naggy. I’ll let you to give me some options and if it serves my liking, I’ll give my consent.” Boys, good luck on deciphering this one. This means she would say no to your ten options of where to have dinner because she craves for KFC but she wants you to know without actually needing to tell you. Work on those telepathic.

2. “I don’t know.”

First, it can mean, “I really don’t know! Why do you keep asking me!” This is especially true when he is asking about your mutual friend who just broke up (and because he’s a guy, he can only ask for gossips from you), or forcing you to remember what your mutual friends say two weeks ago in that group dinner.

Second, it can mean, “Oh man, I said this a thousand times. If you don’t know what I mean then you are an idiot despite we have been dating for six months.” This is usually said when guys have promised something and then forgotten the promise (typical), or continually doing a habit that she has been pleading you to stop.

So if you are having this conversation, “Babe, are you hungry?” “I don’t know.” “Do you want to watch movies?” “Don’t know.” “Have I done something wrong?” “I don’t know”, start spraining your brain muscle and figure out what you did wrong. Because you did.

Or third, it can also mean, “I don’t care, it’s not important, can we talk about something else?” Remember when he talks about those weird facts about video games, soccer teams, or camera lens? It usually starts with, “Hun, do you know that [someone] from Chelsea has moved to Manchester United, and the team suddenly becomes better (or worse) without him?” (rolling eyes) “I don’t know babe.” Well, it means she’s not interested.

3. [silence]

The deadliest of all things. When she is silent, she can be really have nothing to talk about and just want to enjoy the night. This is okay, good even.

But it can also mean that she is having a hard day at work (or uni) and you are talking too much without asking her how her day went. Now, she’s giving you silent treatment.

And it can also mean that she is fed up with you for something that you’ve done, and she is giving you time to figure it out. Worse is when the boy really has no idea and talks some more about his basketball game just now.

Or she’s already on the verge of tears, and she is very upset because you haven’t noticed a single thing and haven’t paid attention of what she’s saying. Uh-oh.

Remember, silence is the closest thing before a nuclear bomb.

Last note

Of course, the list is not perfectly accurate. It’s just made as a reminder to the guys: girls are fragile, handle with care. Look beyond the obvious – we are creatures who drop hints everywhere. And we will make you the happiest man on earth if you actually catch them!

Good luck.