This entry was written earlier today, while waiting for stuffs to happen. But really, I’m quite loving my new hair.

It’s going to be my first time attempting something like this, and I think, I can get used to this.

Like, I’m currently hooked up to perhaps 50 of these pink-ish small curlies and some weird chemicals are sprayed. These chemicals release very weird odor, like the ones you would run away from in Chemistry class because you know instinctively that it’s poisonous.

Somehow, I think I’m carrying 500ml of those chemicals on my head.

The reason? Simple. I want a change. I’m so over being ordinary, and the last brave decision I’ve ever made was two and a half years ago, right after my eldest sister got married.

That time, I cut my super long hair into the boyish type, and that shocked everyone.

Two and a half years later, my hair’s length back to what it was two and a half years ago, and yeap, I’m bored. I don’t have the stomach to cut it short yet, because really, I love my long hair. I love playing with it, accessorising it, styling it with 100 different ways because really, you can do anything with long hair.

But I’m bored.

I have always wanted to colour my hair, but apparently, that was out of the question. My Mother is so against the idea, and somehow I still can’t get my way out of it. She tells me repeatedly that colouring my hair will make it broken and you’ll never get your normal hair back.

I still want to colour my hair though. Maybe in the near future where I have the stomach to just actually show up randomly at a beauty saloon.

So I reason with her. Since I have no permission to colour my hair, I can curl it, permanently, right?

And that somehow works, because my eldest sister has done it a couple of times, and my Mom couldn’t possible allow her to do that and not me.

So yeap, I’m curling my hair, permanently.

People tell me to lower my expectation. It’s not going to be what I expect it to be. It’s not going to be what you see in the magazine. It’s not going to be that good.

But yes, it’ll be something different, and my reasoning is this: if it’s that horrible, I can just cut it short, and start again.


I don’t know if you have done something to your hair before.

Perhaps you have my kind of hair – the one that is pure and untouched (or really, the hairdresser casually mentions mine as the virgin hair). It is never coloured, nor permanently straightened or curled. Maybe you are curious, like I am, of what you will look like when you decide to do something different.

For starter, of course, I want to curl my hair because i think it’ll make me look prettier.

Second, well, I don’t think there’s a second reason on why I choose a different hairstyle.

Tee-hee. This is the-girl-who-decides-to-make-the-second-biggest-hair-changing-decision reporting live from her local beauty saloon.

It doesn't look that much different, but I'm loving it! :)