There is something about Disneyland that just captures your heart and soul.

Its beauty. Its promises of giving you the most unforgettable experience in your life. A different world.

A chance to believe in magic.


I was reading the Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Writing and there was this exercise of remembering your last travel trip and what stands out the most. Although technically my last travel trip was to Melbourne, I disqualify that one as I’ve lived in Melbourne for three years before.

So the last travel trip goes to the December-January US trip. And I immediately think of Disneyland.

Having been a Disney fan technically for as long as I can remember, I can proudly say I have been to all Disneylands across the world. Since I was little, my parents have been taking me to Disneyland Orlando, Anaheim, HK, Japan, and Europe. In every single visit, I am still hooked up like a little girl, wanting to taste every experience.

Like, I would gladly queue to do shooting at Toy Story. To be dropped from the 20th floor at The Tower of Terror. To visit the Haunted House. To watch the spectacular parade.

There’s just something magical about Disney.

It’s as if it gives you the permission to believe in magic.

It gives you permission to live in another world – a paradise, even just for a day. You’re not a boring accountant with tons of deadlines, you are a pirate of the Caribbean. You are a princess. A queen. You live under the sea. You’re visiting Neverland. You’re on a treasure hunt quest.

It gives you permission to dream. To be a little child once more.

The permission, that sometimes is robbed from you in real life.