Author’s note: This post was written last week, when I went to the cinema for the first time in a long time. Read it with a grain of salt. *wink.

cell phone on cinema

Dear you,

Yes, you. You know who you are. You sat next to me today while watching The Amazing Spiderman. I have nothing against you, but I was trying to watch a movie.

It’s okay to check on your phone. Really, I have nothing against that. I do that too, like, you know, sometimes you just have this important stuff that you need to attend right away. Or an emergency.

But can you please, at the very least, put your phone on silent?

First, it was a text. I get it. You forgot to put it on silent mode.

Only you didn’t put it on silent after all.

Then another text came. Now, I was wondering what you were up to. Like, oh my, it was getting a little bit annoying. But okay, I understand, you had something big going on.

And then a call. Your phone rang. You took it out from your pocket, and stared at it for full three seconds. I was like, what? And you did this during the climax! Jamie Foxx had just put the whole New York City into blackout and you needed three seconds, staring at your phone, deciding whether to reject it or to take it? (No offense, but you clearly were not considering to put it, at least, on silent).

Gee, thanks.

And then surprise! Another call.

Here’s a free advice: I think next time you’re watching a movie, the small rectangular button on you phone’s left side is there for a purpose. A little switch perhaps?

…Or at the very least, try not to sit down next to a blogger in the cinema.





Ps. On another note, my iPhone didn’t even get a signal the whole two-hour-plus screening. How did you get coverage anyway?


Photo by wisegeek