I’m a fan of exhibitions. Since my university years, I have ventured the re-enacted dock of Titanic, witnessed the great Tutankhamun burried with his treasures, saw the props used for shooting the Harry Potter series, explored the evolving nature of video games, and learned in a greater detail what more there is to the Narnia series.

So when my photographer-enthusiast boyfriend, who accompanied me to almost every one of my exhibition adventures, heard about the National Geographic Exhibition, how could I resist saying yes?

Celebrating the 125th anniversary, the National Geographic decides to showcase some of the most-remembered and celebrated photographs. Along with these 50 photos are the behind-the-scene stories, as well as a little bit background of each of the photographers.

The exhibition also shows basic photography skills and the world of photography at a glance. Being a non-photographer myself, I have finally understood a little bit more about saturation, hue, brightness, and the popular three-line rule in the photograph world.

We get to see the dark room, and the process of developing negatives to physical pictures on paper.

Overall, it’s a very pleasant experience and I would recommend every photographer/photojournalist enthusiast to come. It goes without saying that every photographer/writer dream is to be published on the National Geographic (okay, that’s actually one of my many dreams), and seeing the extensive work they have done is just truly inspiring.

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The exhibition is showcased at the Arts and Science Museum, Marina Bay, Singapore and will be run until 27 October 2013. It’s quite good-priced too, about $13 for locals and $15 for internationals.