If someone asks me, what’s the kind of guy you’d like to date, I’ll be rolling my eyes and say, “Well, how many types of guys are there?”

As far as I know, there are two types of guy: those who love me, and those who don’t.

Okay, joke aside, there are too many types of guy, but here are my top 13. Because I’m a fan of movies, I’ll make reference to a movie character for each of the types.

Type 1: The Romantic

David Arquette as Rob in “Never Been Kissed”. He’s the most famous guy in high school, and incredibly charming.

Mr. Romantic is what most girls want. He knows how to play the guitar, he knows how to sing love songs, he knows where to buy flowers, and he remembers to do all three on Valentine’s Day. He is handsome, charming, and has a good body. Most probably, his smile will make you melt.

This type of guy is usually creative, and he has 1001 ways to sweep a girl on her feet.

Pros: Life will be full of surprises and romantic getaways, complete with daily utterance of “I Love You” in every way possible. Your friends will envy you, your parents will be sobbing for you for growing up too fast (they must have thought that the ring will come sooner rather than later), and your dogs will be angry at you for not paying them attention anymore. Anyhow, love life? It looks perfect.

Cons: Too much romanticism and it turns cheesy. Singing a love song at night everyday doesn’t become a pleasant surprise, it’s a disturbing sight when you are concentrating to watch the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother. Once he does less than the usual, you feel like something’s wrong, that he doesn’t love you as much as before. He is giving you too much attention, soon you’ll be craving to get that guy’s attention who’s been ignoring your deathly look.

Type 2: The Mind-your-own-business

Justin Chambers as Alex in “The Grey’s Anatomy”. He’s rough and looks like he doesn’t give a shit about anything.

Mr. Mind-your-own-business never speaks up what’s in his mind. He doesn’t care of what you eat for lunch, what are you wearing to that party, or when will you be going for that interview. He doesn’t want to eat out – he’s comfortable in front of his TV sets and he doesn’t even notice that new dress you bought for your second anniversary.

This type of guy is usually the loyal one, as much pain-in-the-ass he is. He usually doesn’t care of how you look, or how much weight you’ve gained.

Pros: Rest assured and know that he will not hit another girl, well, he’s just too lazy to do so. He is comfortable with you, and that’s it. Although he doesn’t look like he’s paying attention, he actually does. He just does not see the point of telling you. He has many male friends, and will usually like either sports or games.

Cons: Your friends will be assuring you every day that he loves you. Your parents will be questioning you if he’s serious. His friends will tell you to chase after him, because he’s just not going to do so. You can’t hold his hands in public, he’s just not the type. In fact, you can’t show your affection in public at all. Odds are that he thinks being Facebook official is the stupidest thing on earth.

Type 3: The Metro

Ryan Gosling as Jacob in “Crazy, Stupid, Love”. He always looks good, and charming!

Mr. Metro will care much about his appearance, and by doing so, unconsciously you will, too. He will dress nicely, not just going out with shorts and sandals, but with casual shirt and white shoes. He knows the latest trends, and he will be able to differentiate between flat shoes and wedges. He has nine pairs of very good shoes that are kept clean. Odds are that he’s tidy and organised.

This type of guy will make you proud to be standing next to him. For he smells good, and looks incredibly charming.

Pros: Your friends will (slightly) envy you, and your parents will get a good first-impression. You will love to hug him in public, because he is a very decent-looking guy and oh boy, he smells so good in that Calvin Klein perfume. He will allow you to buy branded stuffs, and accompany you to go shopping. Best, he will know the fancy places to eat dinner.

Cons: He might look better than you, and that’s a problem, because you need to keep up with him. He might be popular among women, and has a very limited number of male friends. He may look into the mirror a couple of times, and it may even disturb you because you don’t even check your make-up that often. And oh, he spends a lot of money.

Type 4: The Nerd

Paul Rust as Denis in “I Love You, Beth Cooper”. Well, he is a nerd.

Mr. Nerd will probably tell you he loves you in a very creative way. Something like “What’s your sine? It must be pi/2 because you’re the 1,” or my favourite, “Be my queen and mate me with your knight moves.” Well, the true nerds may never say these things, but you get the point. They probably will lecture you about the law of physics and sin cos tan whatsoever and write a research paper about why he falls in love with you.

This type of guy will make you in awe with his genius brain, or make you feel like a dork because all he does is studying.

Pros: He is usually loyal, and he can’t (or doesn’t really know) how to express his feelings to you, so he does it in the sweetest way ever (I find nerdy love comments sweet). His friends will like to spend time with you (odds are they don’t have much female friends), and you parents might be relieved for you have found someone with a bright future that can pay that 30-year-mortgage house.

Cons: Talking in curves will get into your nerves, if all he does is reciting the latest law of physics. Your friends might even degrade your attractiveness level for going out with him, because they think that he doesn’t know how to have fun. You will be mad at him for giving you rubiks for Valentine’s Day. All you want is that teddy bear.

Type 5: The Playboy

Matthew McConaughey as Connor in “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”. He likes alcohol, loves women, and loves women.

Mr. Playboy knows too well on how to make you happy. He is charming and romantic. He knows where to take you to dinner. He will give you flowers on Valentine’s day, and a couple’s ring on your anniversary. He is fashionable, and he knows how to wow your parents.

This type of guy is the perfect guy for girls, if only he’s loyal.

Pros: Your friends will tell you how romantic, charming, and great he is. Your parents will tell you that he’s very good-mannered. His friends will be your friends. In sum, he’s the perfect guy to be boasted about.

Cons: Your friends will talk behind your back on how he has hit on another girl while you are away for that one-week internship. His friends will laugh behind your back of being too innocent. And when he got the slightest opportunity, you will be dumped. Or saved as his weekdays’ fling.

Type 6: The Possessive

Robert Pattinson as Edward in “Twilight”. Well, I know that this is controversial, but he literally knows everything about Bella, and gets jealous pretty easily, don’t you think?

Mr. Possessive will ask what you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He will know exactly what you’re doing yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He knows your favourite food, your favourite dinner places, and he’s a good friend towards your good friends. He will fetch you to and from anywhere, and he’s reliable.

This type of guy loves you so much; he’s too obsessed, that perhaps, he wants every last bit of you.

Pros: You will be taken cared of, and you have not a single thing to worry. He will put extra attention on details, even the slightest ones. He will try to make friends with your female friends; he will listen to your stories over and over again. He knows stuffs even before you say them; he is a good listener, and he is on Facebook.

Cons: Sometimes, he will do all that in the expense of your freedom. You will not be allowed to go out with a male friend, or have any contact with them. He will get irritated easily, and he is insecure about your relationship. Wanting to sleep on weekends instead of going to the cinema can be considered as having an affair to him.

Type 7: The Know-It-All

James McAvoy as Charles in “X-Man: First Class”. He literally knows it all for being able to read people’s minds, but as a result he has an ‘attitude’, and it becomes annoying (but for the purpose of this movie, he’s terrific).

Mr. Know-It-All literally knows it all. Well, at least he thinks he does. He knows what to comment on certain things, and he will always have an opinion to everything. His knowledge is quite broad, and he can woo a girl by giving intellectual comments on why boys are sometimes acting like jerks, for it will enlighten her.

This type of guy can’t really get his mouth shout, and he’s not a good listener.

Pros: Your not-so-close friends will be amazed by his comments, and your parents will see him as someone who has opinions. You will love him for he knows what to order in what restaurant, and he knows the latest gossips and breaking news – you don’t need to read the newspaper anymore.

Cons: As said before, he’s not a very good listener, and sometimes his comments are self-centered and annoying. He wants to be seen as someone who is cool and able to do everything, but by that he’s making a fool of himself. He is stubborn and biased to his own sets of values. Your close friends might hate him, and he has a few male friends.

Type 8: The Nice Guy

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom in “500 Days of Summer”. He is totally, totally, nice.

Mr. Nice Guy will do everything to you: he will open the door, close the door, bring the umbrella, fetch you from everywhere, kiss you goodnight, bring your bags, cook you dinner, clean your house, and feed your dog.

This type of guy will sacrifice everything for you, even it is at his inconvenience.

Pros: You friends, will once again, envy you. Your parents see him as Mr. Nice Guy, but probably tell you that he’s not a husband material, due to leadership issues. He’s nice and gentle, and he always treats you kindly. He does everything you want, and he makes you feel like a Queen.

Cons: He’s indecisive, and definitely doesn’t know how to steer the wheel in your relationship. He lacks initiative, and he might not able to make major decision. He is ambitious-less, and it’s hard for him to go to the next level. Worse, his friends might take advantage out of him.

Type 9: The Leader

George Clooney as Danny in “Ocean’s Eleven”. He’s ambitious, and he’s the leader. He loves his ‘job’ too much, costing him his love.

Mr. Leader is literally a leader. He is most probably hardworking and ambitious, and has a good career prospect. He is a choleric type of person, and whatever he wants to get done, will be done. He is very manly; his hobbies are usually cars and sports. He can be very nice and gentle, but he has a little bit issue with his temper.

This type of guy will lead the relationship, but sometimes he takes the steering wheel without asking your opinion at all.

Pros: Your parents will like him. He is a pure leader, and it means that he will able to take care of you as the head of the family. He is decent, and his friends adore his abilities. He is the most-likely-to-be-successful person, and he is the loyal type, even though he can be seen as cold sometimes.

Cons: He is easily annoyed by little things. If he’s angry, he’s really angry. He’s stubborn and it’s quite hard for him to adjust his values or to take others’ opinions. He will not make you his number one, but he will prioritise you, along with all other priorities that he has. He is not the sacrificing type, and in times he has an issue with humility as well. He is too serious, and he finds it hard to show his feelings sometimes.

Type 10: The Bad Boy

Heath Ledger as Patrick in “10 Things I Hate About You”. He smokes, he is adventurous, and he doesn’t give a damn about anything.

Mr. Bad Boy is the attractive one. He breaks the law occasionally, but never gets caught (or rarely). He is adventurous, dangerous, and wild. He loves to go out and have fun – he has a lot of followers and he’s usually charming and sweet-talker.

This type of guy is spontaneous and fun to be with.

Pros: Your friends will once again, envy you. His friends will love to hang out with you. You will have tons of fun, and you’d probably say yes to every crazy spontaneous idea that he says. He’s charming and ‘live for the moment’ type. He’s not a thinker, but a do-er, and he can think of the most creative thing to finish a job.

Cons: Your parents will think that he’s a douche. All he ever does is having fun and you don’t know how to talk about your problems, he just never listens. He gets irritated at your emotional breakdown and gets bored easily. He is not likely to settle down, at least, not in the short run. He loves challenge, but he can’t take on losing. He can never tolerate failure.

Type 11: The Follower

Jay Baruchel as Kirk in “She’s Out of My League”. He definitely has an issue with self-esteem.

Mr. Follower is a follower. He will not take big decisions, has no initiative whatsoever in doing things. He is meek and shy, usually has a low sense of self-esteem. In times he feels worthless, but in general he’s kind and gentle. He cares too much of what others will think, and is easily deceived.

This type of guy will do everything you say.

Pros: He will follow whatever you say, in sum, you will feel like a Queen. He is kind to everyone, and he knows how to do everything, from repairing your computer to downloading some movies. He draws little attention to himself, and focuses on you. He will brag about you among his friends, and admire you for life.

Cons: He will follow whatever you say, in sum, you will be scolding him for being so indecisive. He is easily pressured by his peers, and he will do anything to make himself known, that includes drinking 10 shots of Vodka in a drinking game. He takes others’ comments and opinions to his heart, and he can’t stand up for you in times, afraid of what will happen next. He is harmless, but sometimes you want someone who can man-up.

Type 12: The Conservative

Tom Hanks as Forrest in “Forrest Gump”. He has his own values, he sticks to the rule, and he does whatever his Mom says to him.

Mr. Conservative abides by the rules. He has his own sets of values, and he will always follow them. He sticks to guidelines and usually is not spontaneous. He thinks in very a very old-school way, and he sees life as a series of yes or no. He lives by planning and ticking the checklist.

This type of guy will think ten steps ahead.

Pros: You have nothing to worry about your future, for he has taken everything into account. That includes your anniversary gift next year, your birthday plan this year, and your future house. When you just get together for a month, he’s already been thinking of when will he propose you. Is it in the next two or three years? He has values, and he respects your parents very much. When asking for a date for tonight, he has planned on where to go, when to go, what to do, and what will he do if you say no. In sum, you will have a very secured future.

Cons: He’s too conservative that he will want everything to be inside the law, that includes a girl should be a great cook, a girl should be feminine, and a taken girl should not have any other good male friends. He is not spontaneous, and definitely not a lot of fun to be with. If something doesn’t fit to his values and opinions, he will be likely to discard it. And it’s quite hard to change his mind.

Type 13: The Keeper

Ryan Gosling as Noah in “The Notebook”. Isn’t he a keeper?

Mr. Keeper is any combination of all possible types of guy. He is decent, attractive, and funny. Well, at least from your glasses he is. He is loyal and committed. And he loves you, too much.

This type of guy is the one who you can spend the rest of your life with.

Pros: Your friends will envy you, your parents will be happy for you, and his friends will like you. Occasionally he makes mistakes, but he’ll get a way to apologise to you; in fact, you won’t be able to stay mad at him for too long. He is a keeper, for everyone tells you so.

Cons: You’ll fall in love.

Disclaimer: each of these types of guy is drawn from real people whom I’ve met and mingled. But for the privacy’s sake, let’s keep them down to movie characters.

Which types of guy are you? Or which types of guy are you dating? Do you agree on my list?