It’s so romantic.

It is.

The sight of a girl wearing her man’s jacket. The dark grey one. The one that is clearly oversized for her and yet she wears it proudly anyway, answering to anyone who asks, “It’s my boyfriend’s.” And the way she wears the hoodie even if it doesn’t rain, just because she wants to feel his presence.

It does feel like him.

There is a certain chemistry that she can’t fathom in wearing her man’s jacket. Perhaps it’s his scent, which tells her that he’s there even though he’s not. Perhaps it’s the way the scent trigger a thousand memories inside her heart, making her lips curled to form a smile and her eyes wander around, deep in thoughts, as if oblivious of everything that’s happening around her.

It’s romantic.

It’s every girl’s dream, to own one oversized jacket that you can wear with almost anything and not being given a look. Like, if you buy your own oversized jacket, no matter what’s the reason – it’s comfortable, it’s handy, whatever, people will be slightly puzzled. No one spends money to buy something that’s not her size (that’s it, with the exception of the girls who buy two sizes smaller with a vow that they will fit into it in months to come).

But wearing her man’s oversized jacket? No one will think that way. It’s just a way of saying that you’re his, and he’s yours. It’s another way of saying that your man is man enough to give you his coat when you are cold.

Isn’t it every girl’s dream? To be given his coat when clearly he’s also freezing, yet he thinks of her needs more than his?

Wearing your man’s jacket feels like he’s hugging you, no matter where he is. It makes you feel secure, no matter how lonely you are at the moment or how big the problems you are facing now.

It makes you feel protected, feel loved.

It gives you hope to cling to the memories you share, even when things currently look bleak between you both.

It makes you remember that no matter what happens, if he’s still committed and care for you more than he cares for himself, everything is going to be just fine.

And everything is.


Featured image by Abhi Ryan