Acting: 6.5/10
Effect: 8/10
Plot: 4/10

Overall rating: 5/10 (just because for me the plot of a movie affects 75% of its quality)

IMDB lied. As well as Rotten Tomatoes. At least to me they did.

The last time I checked, Prometheus was given a 7.9 IMDB rating and  75% Tomatometer. And for an action / science fiction movie, that was quite high. Especially from Rotten Tomatoes, as it did not easily give a good rating towards an action movie. Only a movie with a class like Avatar would get one.

At first I didn’t want to watch this movie. I never did like alien wars anyway, or something like that. Avatar is an exception, of course. But not something like aliens vs predators vs monsters vs zombies vs draculas.

But then I heard a second lie: Prometheus was the most anticipated movie of the year (heard it from the TV). So I might as well check it out.

I was terribly disappointed.

Of course, the effects were flawless. You know – the ships, the fightings, the aliens – all looked real.

But the story sucks (spoilers alert).

The movie was centered around two scientists that have found the same stars combination throughout the history – Egypt, Mesopotamia, Babylon – all ancient civilisations that had no contact with each other and differed thousands of years apart.

They concluded that the stars combination must have meant something.

Someone said it was a star map. The scientists believed it was an invitation.

Of course, when I watched the trailer I was hoping to get some answers from the movie.Why was it an invitation? Why would a star map become read as though it was an invitation?

The scientists then found out the stars coordinates matched one galaxy which planet was much like Earth – there was sun; there was the perfect atmosphere where living conditions were sustained. A ship, called Prometheus, named after an abandoned Greek god, went on a voyage to find the answers.

Sadly, I never know why the scientists believed that it was an invitation. I think that they think that the aliens – so-called the Engineers (because humans believed that these aliens engineered humans), left their star map location for the humans to find them. Or something like that.

The story went on, and you could have guessed it – they weren’t supposed to be there, the aliens were the bad guys, not the good guys, or something like that. In fact, all these aliens were dead – all except one (more spoilers on that later). When the scientists took some tests they found that our DNA was exactly the same as theirs, which brought the conclusion – these aliens were indeed our engineers.

One by one the crew members were killed, and the sole alien survivor ended up wanted to kill humans – the very living thing that they have made.

The question was, how? (and why?)

These aliens had made a biological weapon, which grew out of control and tried to kill them all. That was the reason why the aliens were dead when humans came – the weapon they made to destroy Earth had backfired at them.

Theoretically speaking, this movie told us that:

1. There were aliens, who were much like humans, except they were uglier, hairless, stronger, and paler. Even all their faces looked the same. Their creation, a.k.a humans, looked much more beautiful and living in a gorgeous planet that was much much more beautiful than theirs. If I would have to guess why they wanted to kill their creations, it would be because of jealousy. These aliens traveled to Earth billions of years ago and engineered humans.

2. They left their star map location to the first humans (ancient civilisation) for whatever reason that we didn’t know. The scientists deciphered it as an invitation to visit their alien planet.

3. These same aliens who made humans, however, regretted their decision, and built a biological weapon to destroy the human race.

4. Ironically, their own entire race was killed by this biological weapon – only one survived because he was in a deep sleep.

5. Humans went on a voyage to the alien planet, found death, felt disappointed that their makers wanted to hit the reset button, and tried to kill their maker instead.

Because I was not supposed to tell you the ultimate ending, I would not write the number 6.

But seriously, man, the movie left too many unanswered question. And because I’m human, I have that human nature called curiosity to find out things that I do not know. The movie pretty much proposed more questions rather than answering the already-there-questions generated from the trailers. Genius, Scott. Genius.

The movie was quite a good jump-start to pump my adrenaline, but again, I was disappointed. I didn’t really think that it deserved the high rating, knowing that many other great movies didn’t even get close to a 7.9 or 75% rating. I’m guessing that Scott (the director) would make a sequel to this prequel of the Alien series, but I’m also guessing that he would even insert much more questions than he could answer.

Conclusively, if you like science fiction / action / adrenaline-pumping / heavily unreal and weird / outer space movies such as Alien, Snakes on a plane, Underworld Evolution, Resident Evil, or something like that, it’s a movie for you.

If you have some spare time to kill, you might want to see what’s this “most anticipated movie of the year” (I seriously couldn’t believe this statement – what happened to The Dark Night and The Avengers and The Amazing Spiderman?) all about.

If you’re not bothered, then it’s completely okay (and recommended) to miss this one. Just wait for the other blockbuster movies that coming out pretty soon.

Oh, Prometheus is a hate-it-or-love-it type of movie. I think I have made myself clear on where I stand.

Alright, now is a good time to go back to my studies. I have three exams coming soon. Adios!

Ps. The first two minutes of the movie was super weird. A UFO was going away from a planet (either Earth or the alien’s planet, but I’m guessing the latter, perhaps on the way to create a new entire species called humans on Earth). Then there was an alien swallowing a black thingy (I am guessing it was the biological weapon) and killed himself in the process. Truthfully I haven’t figured out the correlation. If you have watched it and you did figure it out, please tell me.