Here’s the funny thing: When you decide to do something and act on it, something happens.

Two days ago, I was feeling miserable at work for some unbeknownst reason and I decided to write a post about stopping to saying excuses and start pursuing my dream instead. I wrote the post during the car ride home (it was a cruel one-hour ride, full of traffic) and while looking out of the window, I was suddenly thinking to write about love.

Hence, the article ‘Why You Will Always Believe In Love‘ was born.

I got home, took shower and had some dinner, and got back to my laptop to edit the piece a little bit more.

After my second editing, I thought I’d give this article a shot, submitting it to one of the publications on my I-want-to-get-my-name-published-there-one-day list, Thought Catalog.

Impulsively, I sent my writing. After two editings. I didn’t even give it a proper one night sleep.

The next day after work, my friend wrote this on my Facebook timeline, “Marcella! You have an article on Thought Catalog?!” My mind switched to overdrive mode just then, all the while my iPhone’s 3G was failing, and I needed to wait for another ten minutes to get good 3G coverage to confirm the news – which really felt like hours.

And I was published. I should cross this out from my bucket list.

So without further ado, here’s my first pitched-and-published writing in 2013.


Why You Will Always Believe In Love

Published at Thought Catalog on October 9, 2013.

You may have endured countless heartbreaks and hurt. Your boyfriend has cheated on you, your girlfriend casually says, “I just don’t love you no more.” Your father may have left you since you were a child or your sister betrayed your trust for not keeping your deepest darkest secret. But deep down, deep down, you still have this tiniest bit of hope that the next love you’ll find is going to work.

You may have tried and failed. And tried and failed again. You may have twenty names in your it-just-didn’t-work-between-us list. Brad. Jack. Jen. David. Sam. Hugh. Whoever. You’ve cried yourself to sleep every single time after all those breakups, and you vow to guard your heart a little better – to not give every piece of puzzle to the next one who comes along. But you’ll never be able to stop putting yourself out there. You’ll find yourself having the strength of being vulnerable once more. Because you know you are one step closer to finding the one, even when you know you might get hurt once more.

You may once be a believer. “That was when I was naive,” you said. “That was when I didn’t know the truth in this cruel world.” Then something happens – something always does, and you find yourself at the other end of the spectrum. You scoff at those believing in fate; you mock your friends for believing in love. “The sooner you learn the truth,” you begin, “the sooner it will set you free.” But every night when you close your eyes to sleep, you wish there’s something you can do to fill the emptiness in your heart. You wish, deep down, you can be a believer once more.

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