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Fresh Graduate’s Bible

FGBAfter writing and releasing Swimming with The Sharks, I was thinking, well, why stop there? This thought turned into the Fresh Graduate’s Bible: 22 things you need to know about life after graduation. It’s a 1,000-word guide on the important lessons I’ve learned (from myself and others) and re-learned along the way.

The guide is formatted as such that it’s easy to read, easy to share, and even easier to remember. I hope that it can help you navigate the unchartered waters of adulthood.

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Swimming with The Sharks

Swimming with The Sharks.Marcella Purnama 2I have lived most of my life trying to have the next best thing. When I was in university, all I want to do is to work. And then when I was working, I gave all I had to quit.

And not just quitting, but quitting, again and again.

Since my graduation in the end of 2012, I have thrown in the towel three times. I have burned bridges and felt like a failure. Like many overeager fresh graduates out there, I felt lost, unfulfilled, unhappy, and plainly, I didn’t know what to do.

But coming back to one’s feet started with accepting that we are indeed, lost.

In this book, I share my stories of growing up. I share my successes, as well as my failures. I realise that in this mad race called life, I’m not alone.

And not all those who wander are lost.

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Comments from readers

I found enlightenment from your story and I am literally grateful that you are willing to share it.

Thank you so much. I will be waiting for your next book!

Sylvia Snow


I shared the link of your digital book to my college buddies and best friends right after I finished reading your book. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Just when I thought that being clueless all the time and not knowing what I want in life is a dead end, I realised once again that we can’t get everything in one shot. And yes, I love everything about it!

Cheryl Joanne

Hi Marcella,

I am writing to you because I just discovered your blog and book today, and I am very happy about it!

I think you have been doing amazing work. I am also in my early twenties and graduated from college in 2012, so I can totally relate to your articles, books and everything you wrote :). Can’t wait to finish reading your book tonight!

Lucia Chauvet

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