bubbles of happiness

You make me so, so happy.

So happy.

Even when you woke me up from my power nap as I was sitting in the MRT because you saw an elderly who required a seat. Yes, you didn’t exactly make me happy back then – my feet were crying in agony as it had been a long day. But all in all, I am happy. I have a boyfriend who genuinely cares about others.

For three weeks, there wasn’t a single time when you didn’t send me home, despite the fact that I live one and a half hour away from your place. You make sure that I am back home safe and sound before you head to your long journey home.

And I am so, so happy.

You help with my baby nephew’s first month celebration. You accompany me to places despite being overly tired and all you want to do is to watch movies at the cinema. You let me choose the restaurants to eat.

You support my dream. You shower me not with empty praises but with full-loaded ones. You read all my writings. I can’t emphasise enough of how much it means to me.

You sacrifice a lot for me. Your pride. Your time. Your energy. Your heart. You always strive to become a better man for me. You always try to understand me, even at the times when I’m being unreasonable.

And you always, always believe in me.

You always try to make me laugh, to make smile, to make me happy.

And you really do.

Even when we fight. Even when you make me cry. There is still happiness, knowing that I can be myself without doubting or being afraid that you’ll walk away. It’s a different kind of happiness, one that is not dictated by what’s happening, rather by what is. We fight and we cry and we grow irritated of each other. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love each other.

There is happiness in knowing that you will always have my back. Despite everything that’s going on, you will still be there.

And you make me so happy.

I just can’t thank God enough for you.


Photo by Georgie*s