Most people would choose Harry. Or Hermione. Or Ron. Some would choose Dumbledore. Some might choose Draco, or maybe the Weasley twins.

I choose Severus.

Before I go even further, let me tell you that I am a Harry Potter fan. I’m not a hardcore one, but I am, definitely a fan. I read most of the books twice, and three times for book 6 and 7. I love the story. I like the characters. I fancy the plot development. Definitely a worldwide phenomenon.

And you all know the boy who lived. You all know the super genius muggle, and the wise professor.

And you all know about the half blood prince.

You see, JK Rowling has chosen him to become the villain for six and a half books. Only in the last minute she reveals that Severus is the good guy. He is the hero. Why, then, Severus chose the hard path of becoming a villain?


Since young, Severus fell in love with Harry’s mother, and he never stopped loving her, right until the day he died.

Sad, isn’t it?

But he knows. He knows that Lily doesn’t love him back. He knows that she will always fancy James Potter. But it doesn’t stop him from loving her.

When you see a person who loves another without expecting anything back, and even dares to sacrifice more than his life – to live in a shadow and to pretend being a completely different man than he actually is, that’s a big sacrifice.

And even until the end, he doesn’t get the happy ending he wanted.

His mission is not to kill Voldemort. No. His mission is to protect Lily’s little boy, who happens to be the target of Voldemort. His mission, is to repay the sin that he thought he commits – the sin of letting the one that he loves died.

Tragic, isn’t it? Way more tragic than Titanic.

Severus will never get his happy ending. Because even in the afterlife, he can’t be with the one he loves, for she belongs to somebody else.

He can only look at her, admire her, and love her from the distance, as he always has, and always will.

Ps. I did a random Google check on who’s the favourite Harry Potter character, and surprisingly (or not), it’s Severus Snape. Read the article here.