Work life balance

As a university student who works from home, I don’t think I know how many hours I spend on work vs life every day.

The general rule is to work eight hours daily from nine to five. Well, my classes start late and finish at seven, so I’d still be doing work/uni stuff way after five.

Plus, I keep on alternating between having ‘pleasure’ and doing ‘work’ – sometimes even doing both at the same time (think of watching TV while editing a video interview).

Everything has shifted. I can’t do ‘pens down’ by five because most of the time, my day has just begun. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love the flexibility of my life, it’s just that I wonder what life would be like if I don’t have to think of anything when the clock strikes five.

My day consists of four hours of uni at uni, two hours of uni at home, and two hours of work. Slip pleasure time whenever possible. Oh, there are also days when I don’t do anything except sitting on my sofa and reading all 700 episodes of Naruto.

Yeap, I have no routine and no regular sleeping pattern.

I’m not really complaining though. That said, I might need to get myself a huge blackboard and some wonderful, colourful chalks and pen down a life pattern that I’d actually follow.

In the meantime, does anyone feel like having coffee?

Photo by Dan LaMee, Creative Commons