What should we do with all these life baggage?

Honestly, I don’t know.

life baggage journey

You have a long list of things you’ve done but never been proud of, and in the end the best thing you can do is just to accept them, and move on. Unpacking those baggage might also be seriously time consuming and you prefer to avoid it at all cost, shuddering at even the slightest chance of emotional disorder.

There are regrets in those baggage. Lots of pain and wrong turns and heartaches too. You wish you never made the choice but at that time, your eighteen-year-old self naively thought that it was a good idea, so you went on.

Some mistakes are irreversible. Not like those wrong haircuts and nasty hangovers that well, at least forgotten in a couple of weeks, or months at best. Nope. Some mistakes may have scarred you for life, or perhaps scarred other people, and no matter how you wish for the scars to go away, they may never be fully healed. They just become another addition to the list of things-that-need-to-be-accepted, or else you’ll lose your sanity.

We go through a phase after another in life, trying to make sense of it all, trying to play the cards we are dealt as best as we can. And as we jump through these phases, we decide to bring some things in those baggage with us, and we choose to leave others.

I believe we all have cried ourselves to sleep. We have loved another person, and we have been hurt by those we love. We may have experienced betrayal, or even have betrayed another. We have tried our best to live a full life, but at times we failed, succumbing to our own weaknesses and failures, believing we are not destined for greatness.

I believe we have all tasted the beauty of life, and sipped the bitterness of it.

And we all have been afraid.

It’s crazy how fear works to paralyse us. We have believed we are failures, and we all have lost hope before.

We’ve tried to find happiness, yet failed. We have given up to get those guilty pleasures once in a while. We have crawled, run, walked through life, trying to find the place where we belong.

In the end, I have to accept that there are things I can’t change, and at times, they don’t need to be changed.

Some baggage are meant to be there, some aren’t. Yet for all they’re worth, I believe good can come from all sorts of baggage.