we always want the life we can't have

All humans who live on earth have this annoying tendency: we always want something we can’t have.

Why do you want it so badly?

Because they say I can’t have it.

My parents told me when I was fourteen that I couldn’t have a boyfriend until I was seventeen. In that moment, all I wanted to have was a boyfriend. Years later, my friends questioned in their eyes about my decision in being a writer, and I gave it my all.

We always have this grandeur idea that the life next door is better than what we have at the moment. Always. The career we can’t have is better paying. The house we can’t afford is better looking (which might be actually true).

Thing is, we have always believed that the life we can’t have is better.

My boyfriend had just come back from working in Singapore. And it was amusing to witness that when he was in Singapore, he missed his working life in Melbourne. And now when he is here in Melbourne, he misses the life in Singapore.

And we all do this, consciously or not.

And the more they say we can’t have it, the more we want to do it.

We always want the life we can’t have.

Even when it’s not ideal. Even when deep down we know we don’t want it for real. Even when we know we would despise it after, knowing the occupational hazards that follow.

Human nature. We are never satisfied of the lives we have now.

And if we aren’t, thing is we’ll never enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

For there’s a difference between wanting to be better, and continuously wanting to have more of what you can’t have.

Sometimes, there has to be enough.

And love the life we have instead.


Photo by RawheaD Rex