the way you made me

I remember how you made me feel when I went to sleep last night.

It was happiness, but not like being-excited-happiness, which can go away as easily as it can come. No, it was more of being-peaceful-happiness, which made you smile as it caressed you until you drifted from reality.

It was like being comfortable in each other’s silence. It was like feeling the gentle wind kissing your cheek. It was like riding a car with the radio on while holding each other’s hands. It was like a small kiss planted on the back of your hand.

It was happiness.

It was the feeling everyone sought to have. The feeling of being secure as the night’s calling. The feeling of knowing that tomorrow morning, when the sun’ rising, someone will still be there, never going anywhere.

It was the feeling of being loved.

Being loved. It was so beautiful, so wonderful. Not beautiful like making your heart beats faster or wonderful like everything else in the world tastes sour. It was more like the feeling of contentment. Like the feeling of being in a slow motion movie and you are there sipping your earl grey tea, listening to the sound of dancing rain and breathing the taste of dropping water, perfectly still, content. Yes, it was like that.

I remember the way I felt as I fell asleep last night.

It was like the sweetest strawberry freshly picked.  It was like listening to your favourite song when having coffee at your local cafe. It was like lazying on a couch on a Saturday morning, having breakfast on bed, and roaming on pajamas all day long.

It was like being yourself, in every way possible, and still being accepted wholeheartedly. It was like not caring of the life’s problems – money has no grip, success has no value, failure has no claw.

It was like seeing a baby sleeps soundly, warming your soul.

I remember the way you made me feel as I fell asleep last night.

It was the feeling of love, and being loved.


Photo © by author.