time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

At midnight the other day my good friend tagged me on Facebook on an article titled, ‘Why We Humblebrag About Being Busy’, featured on HBR. It was such a good read and yet by the end of it, this was the sentence playing again and again in my head: ‘You’re not doing enough.’

…which is contrary to what the article wants to achieve, I guess.

The reason being is that: I never humblebrag of being busy. Or at the very least, I never remember I do (please remind me if I have). I am the most carefree Gen Yer and I love being free and doing nothing. While my friends are doing Master’s and working overtime, I’m babysitting my baby nephew. Can you see the jux?

Anyways, I’m never a fan of being busy. My second sister can testify to that (in fact, my whole family can). In my younger years I prefer to play RPG games and conquer the bosses compared to studying (it was a miracle that I got good grades after all). When I’m older I prefer to read books, have coffee, write, sleep, and watch a lot of movies compared to studying.

And at this particular moment, I choose words and books and baby nephew and loved ones over work and Master’s.

From the outer eyes, I might be classified as that weird youngster who doesn’t socialise much and says ‘No’ more than ‘Yes’. I believe I still can count the times I go out with my friends in 2014 with my two hands.

I hate being busy. I enjoy my leisure time. Not having too much on my plate and enjoying life as it is. In sum, people may think that I fail in being an adult (you can read all about that in my eBook).

So when I read this article, naturally I have an inkling to write the opposite – of a person who is not busy at all and carefully humblebrag about it (yes, I’m proud of having free time – albeit the constant feeling of being looked down to).

I guess I will always be able to choose ‘busy’ (Master’s, here I come), and yet I won’t have this luxury of enjoying time forever. So while I can still have it (and afford it), I choose to not being busy.

I believe time is never wasted when you spend it with your loved ones, and thus, contrary to what I initially thought that ‘I’m not doing enough’, I think I’m doing fine.


Are you too busy? Perhaps it’s time to slow down.


Photo by Chris Turner