I was journaling and thinking of my future careers after graduation, complete with my latte and iPad when this question came to me: “What is your most memorable moment in these three years of university life?”

Academic rankings? Nope. I am not one of those H1 or Dean’s list student who can bring home a series of cool certificates to be put on the wall. Clubs and societes? Nope. Awesome lecturers who inspire me like the morning stars? Nope. Beautifully written research papers and essay? Haha, you bet.

The highlight of my university career happens during one dinner with a colleague in Meld who studied Master of Journalism in Monash University.

“You know, you are famous,” she said to me.


“One day Chris walked into the tutorial room, and said, ‘There is a girl in Melbourne University’s Bachelor degree who has pitched her writings, been published in magazines, and written regularly in her blog. You are Master of Journalism students, what have you done?'”

Chris was my Introduction of Media Writing tutor in my second year studying in Melbourne University. I’ll remember this for life.