So… guess what? I am home.

Highlight? Food. Massage.

Downside? Hmm, where to start?

Mosquito bites, tons of them. Internet connection, oh my gosh. Traffic, like there’s no tomorrow…

I have lived six days back in my old home, Jakarta, Indonesia, and am already craving for coffee. For a steady internet connection. For a mosquito-less environment. It’s not like I hate it here, no, I feel like home, but there are just hassles that I need to think about which do not exist back in Melbourne.

Like where to go to have good coffee. Or a good internet connection. Or a mosquito-less environment.

But hey, I no longer need to cook or do my laundry, so life’s not too bad, I guess.

It’s just that, ehm, readjusting to the old lifestyle does take time.

So… some updates.

1. When I’m somewhere in the States, shopping to my heart desire (I wish!), Speak! Magazine, a youth magazine by The Jakarta Post, published my travel article about venturing Melbourne on budget in their January 2013 edition. Yes, they do spell my name wrongly, but that’s not the point… Check it out here!

2. Meld has also published my lifestyle article: Melbourne’s Top 10 Cafes. Fear not, this will not be my last article in Meld (if they’ll have me, that is).

3. I will officially start my internship at Speak! Magazine on Feb 4th. That means I still have approximately one and a half week of holiday.

4. Since I started this website in July 2012, my audience has grown, literally. Thank you all! :)

5. My top 10 articles in 2012:

Coincidentally or not, nine out of the ten articles are about relationship. Woops.

6. I gained 3 kgs from holidaying to the States. Time to start losing weight and being healthy…

7. Currently, I own a highly-functional-brand-new iPhone 5 with no connection. I live in a house that has no Wi-Fi, too. Don’t ask me how I am connected to the internet. It’s the speed of a… ehm, suffice to say, it’s not the best.

8. Currently, too, I have seven mosquito bites on my legs, each leaving a two-centimeter-in-diameter-which-is-red-in-colour mark.

9. I haven’t had a decent coffee in two months.

So for now, while I’m still hunting for that decent cup of coffee, I’ll enjoy everything else that Jakarta has to offer me.


Photo by Tjokro Aminoto