Rest, my dear one. Rest.

Rest is the answer to all your problems.

I think you’re exhausted. I think you’re always disturbed – mentally and emotionally. You don’t have a good night’s sleep. When you’re working, you’re thinking of your studies. When you’re doing assignments, you’re thinking of work. When you’re relaxing and watching TV, you’re thinking of the work and studies you can do while watching TV, mainly to be ‘productive’.

You want a fast-forwarded life. You want to skip the journey and arrive straight at the results. You want to discover the end pretty badly.

Yes, people say that the journey is better – that the journey is rewarding and frankly, it’s what matters most. But sometimes, sometimes, you feel like it’s a lie. Of course the end result is better. Of course being successful with a considerable amount of money in your bank account is better. Of course not going through failure after failure – periods of doubting yourself and countless rejections – is better.

It’s only logic, right?

Alas, that’s not how the world works. In fact, I’m quite happy that this is not how the world works. It’s just that I’m not happy now.

Earlier today, I chatted with my best friend and we are feeling the same thing. We are not happy. We always want something we can’t have. We want to achieve more. We want to have more purpose. But it’s an illusion. Something we can’t have – something more – is just an illusion.

If we can’t be happy with who we are today – why don’t we do something to change that? But here’s another question: if we are not happy with who we are today, will we ever be happy? Will we ever be satisfied with who we will become?

So rest. Let tomorrow worry for itself. You are not scaled by your success nor achievements. You are not your work, nor a range of grades. Be in the moment and enjoy time spent with loved ones. Be happy with being you.


Photo by Armando G Alonso