On my previous article, I have talked about discovering your dream.

Dreams are not always to be found by trying new things. Sometimes they are to be found by searching your childhood and looking at what you are fond of doing.

– the author

Now, I would talk about how to finally get there.

Achieving your dreams

I was going shopping with some friends when I asked one of them this question, “Do you like accounting?” She has been working in the area for three years, so I thought it was a logical question.

Giving an ironic laugh, she said, “No.” So I asked again, “What do you like to do?” And she replied, “I don’t know.”

Sadly, she didn’t do anything to discover her own passion.

Isn’t finding your dream the trend for Gen Y-ers? To find your dream job, or make one, and live your dreams? To discover your passion and be immersed in living a life you are called to live?

It took me by surprise that I would get a “I don’t know” and end of discussion as a reply.

Some others would say, “If I have managed to do XYZ I would then try to find my passion,” or, “I think I know my interest, I’m just waiting the perfect timing to work on that.”

Well, the perfect time will never come. The perfect time is now. 

I hate it when people use the lack of resources or time as excuses of not starting to live their dreams. Saying things like, “I don’t have the equipment to make music,” or “I have no time to work on my dreams,” are such lies. Sure, your resources and time may be limited, but there are always ways to work things out.

You can start with YouTube. With the Internet. You can start with a blog, or even a Flickr. You can cut out your TV and gaming time, and spend the limited time doing things that are most worthwhile.

Not doing anything is just another excuse. So don’t blame me for being harsh on you when you say, “I have a dream,” but do nothing and instead wait for the perfect timing to work on it. Because perfect timing is such a myth.

I have realised that the successful people in life are the ones who start today. The ones who are committed to find their dreams and actually work on them. The ones who stop making excuses to show up.

I am one of those people who used to make excuses. But today is a new day. And I would stop making one. Every single day, I will recommit myself to my dreams. I owe myself that.

Will you?

Dreams are just dreams until you start doing something about them. And doing something is not for tomorrow, it’s meant to be done today.

Start where you are. Start with what you have. Start today.

Jon Acuff.

What is your dream? What are you doing to get there? Share your stories in the comment section below.