living uneventful life

A quarter of the year has gone and no, I’m not sentimental at all.

Although by the world’s standard, I guess I haven’t been doing anything.

My days are filled with taking care of baby (not mine, my sister’s) and reading books. I managed to catch up with How I Met Your Mother (and by catching up I mean skipping the entire season 8 and go straight to watch season 9) and have a lot of sleep.

I’ve set this year’s reading target: 52 books a year. That’s not a lot, considering most writers aim to read hundreds of books in a year, but it’s a good number to start.

I travel. Not travel like what people so gloriously describe it: couchsurfing, backpacking, live like the locals – but just traveling. I’m spending a lot of time in Singapore, and planning an upcoming family holiday trip to Canada.

I read a lot of articles too, and after much considerations, I disagree with some of them. Often I read about being in a comfort zone and without constant challenges, we are not growing – we are not living our lives. In a sense, it’s true. But I treasure my quiet time at the moment. I don’t have too much (or much) on my plate and I’m loving it. I get to read the books I want for pure enjoyment. I get to spend time with my cute little nephew (really, a child is a gift), my family, and my loved one.

I am happy.

I sleep late and wake up late. I eat my Mom’s homecooked food. I am enjoying life, perhaps a little bit too much.

But I don’t mind. Contrary to what most articles say, I am using this quiet, uneventful phase of my life to be on the mend. I guess life is not about constantly being busy and challenged and exhausted to grow and be the next best thing. It is also about simply being in a moment, and enjoy it.


Photo by Merra Marie