I didn’t grow up cooking, but lately, I’ve become fond of it.

It starts sometime last year, around the time when I got married, when cooking morphs from being a chore to something that I truly enjoy doing. (You can read more about my cooking journey on this post.) I begin to read books about food and cooking, which are not necessarily cookbooks, and even watch one or two cooking TV shows. Then I begin to experiment, to cook more often, and to cook healthier food.

If you follow me on Instagram (@mpurnama), you’d definitely notice how often I share my nightly homecooking. Some of you even ask me for recipes; others suggested that I write a cookbook!

Well, I’m not a professional chef, and not even a good, established homecook at that. I simply love cooking good, healthy food for the husband and me to enjoy at the end of the day. (I cook mostly at night—enough to last for two persons’ dinners and lunches the next day.)

I’ve been toying the idea of sharing my recipes on the blog for a while, but I’ve been procrastinating. When the nth person replies on my nightly cooking instastory, complimenting on my homecooked food, I finally have the courage to do it. Hence, #luneskitchen is born.

This side of the blog is the place where I’ll share the staples of the food I cook at home. They’re mostly Asian, mostly easy, and mostly good enough for the two of us. If there’s one thing I learned from the my year of cooking more, it’s that the recipes that are fast and easy are the ones that stick, and eventually make it to the rotation.

I hope you’ll follow my adventures at @luneskitchen, and be encouraged that you can cook easy, good food at home. It’s time to ditch those daily takeaways!


Ps. I do feel compelled to explain why I decide to name my cooking adventures as Lune’s Kitchen. The simple reason: Marcella’s Kitchen, Ella’s Kitchen, and Cella’s Kitchen are all taken (on Instagram). I’ve contemplated on other names, like Purnama’s Kitchen (which I feel too Indonesian—I don’t even cook many Indonesian food, plus it’s too hard to spell out) or Kitchen by Ella. But I like the word ‘lune’, which means moon in French. It’s a play on my last name, Purnama—an Indonesian word which means full moon.