is hope coming

Will you ever be able to reach it?

It’s there. It’s there. But it’s out of your reach. As if there’s an unseen force that keeps you down. You try to grab it. Again. And again. And yet all you’re grabbing is air.

It’s useless. It’s like chasing wind. You can only catch the shadow, never the person. It’s like trying to stop time. It can never be done.

Will you ever be able to bathe in all its glory?

You always imagine what it feels like. Always, always imagine. Yet never feeling. You close your eyes and you feel like you can almost touch the sky. Almost. But you never did. You see people acquire their desires.

Why can’t you?

Will you ever be able to finally experience it?

Your heart aches. Every time someone else rather than you have it. You want what they have. What you can never have. You want to know what it’s like to be them. But you’re not them. And you don’t know what it’s like.

And you feel like not wanting to try one more.

But you do. Again. And again. Even until the end. Even if until the very end, you are still unable to live the dream. That’s okay, you say. I’d rather be a prisoner of hope running for the prize, rather than abandoning hope altogether.

Hope. Hope, you say.


What a beautiful word. But my heart aches every time I hear it. Scared. Scared to hope. Scared to think what will happen if what I’m hoping will never be realised. Better not to hope, rather to be crushed way more than this with a hope that will not ever come true.


Will I? Will you? Will we? Is there a place? Is there a world where we belong? Is there a spell, a kind of magic that can make everything alright?

Is there a new beginning?

Is hope coming?


Photo by Domain Public Photo, Creative Commons