Giving New Year another chance

Welcome to the first year after graduation.

I bet you are all excited, wondering what awesome things I have done during this past year. I bet you are all curious on what I have been up to, what I’m up to, and what journey will I choose to walk next year.

Well, I bet you are not.

On December 14th 2012, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology and Media and Communication from the University of Melbourne. One year and six days ago, I thought that I had the world in the palm of my hands. Within twelve months, I thought I would have worked as a professional and figured out everything I want to do with my life. Whoa, I couldn’t be more wrong.

Here’s a sneak peak timeline:

December 2012: Graduated from Bachelor’s degree

Early February 2013: Started my internship at a well-known Jakarta-based newspaper

One week after: Resigned from the internship, got a quite deal of tongue-lashing

Mid February 2013: Started my first full-time job as a Content Writer at a nonprofit organisation

July 2013: Quit my first job

August 2013: Started my second full-time job as a Knowledge and Content Manager at an international consulting company

December 2013: Quit my second job [long story; I promise I’ll tell you the full one later]

January 2014 (forecast): Start freelancing for my second job’s company, as well as being a part-time babysitter (my first sister has just given birth), casual world-avid traveler, and full-time freelance writer

Life is (hopefully) looking good.

So in the past year, I have gotten two promotions and quit three jobs (internship, first and second jobs). I have zero social life and gained five kgs (which will definitely go into my New Year’s resolution list). I have been paid for writing (which feels good), and gotten the privilege of being offered a job instead of finding one.

I have survived another year of long distance relationship and along the way, I have made mistakes. I have lost friends and acquired colleagues. I have lived a life back home. I have seen a glimpse of what nonprofit and corporate lives have to offer. I’ve built bridges and burned some. I have learned a few crash courses from Google about coding.

I wonder if I have done this year justice.

Like, you know, you see your friends who have graduated from university and within a year their careers skyrocket like crazy. You wonder if you have lived half the life you should. What if you’re not meant to quit your job(s)? What if you’re meant to not move back home to Jakarta? What if you’ve done a very big mistake in not taking the offer to do further studies?

Well, we would never know what could have been, right?

After much consideration, I am once again turning a new chapter next year.

Being a freelance writer.

and travel.

and really see the world.

This year, nothing turned out to be what I expected it to be. But I’m really excited to unveil what 2014 has in store for me.

Happy holidays everyone, and may the odds be ever in your favour.


Photo by meddygarnet