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Some show their love through a hundred red roses. Some buy her ice cream even when he tells her to lose weight. Some walk her home. Him?

He went to his boss and said, ‘I need to change my leave – from Friday to Tuesday.’

He understood when she didn’t able to come home to him that Tuesday, and he waited for her, again.

He woke up on Saturday morning, excited, and braved the traffic.

And when he finally saw her for the first time in months, he smiled, rushed towards her, took her bulging luggages, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

‘I’ve missed you,’ he whispered.

And so she beamed, and wondered if she could ever be even more loved than this.

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I remember how you made me feel when I went to sleep last night.

It was happiness, but not like being-excited-happiness, which can go away as easily as it can come. No, it was more of being-peaceful-happiness, which made you smile as it caressed you until you drifted from reality.

It was like being comfortable in each other’s silence. It was like feeling the gentle wind kissing your cheek. It was like riding a car with the radio on while holding each other’s hands. It was like a small kiss planted on the back of your hand.

It was happiness.

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You make me so, so happy.

So happy.

Even when you woke me up from my power nap as I was sitting in the MRT because you saw an elderly who required a seat. Yes, you didn’t exactly make me happy back then – my feet were crying in agony as it had been a long day. But all in all, I am happy. I have a boyfriend who genuinely cares about others.

For three weeks, there wasn’t a single time when you didn’t send me home, despite the fact that I live one and a half hour away from your place. You make total sure that I am back home safe and sound before you head to your long journey home.

And I am so, so happy.

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You’ve fought for me when I was down, when I was still searching my way out. You’ve fought for me even at the times when I didn’t deserve to be fought for. You still fight for me through thin and thick, and you’ve helped me found myself once again.

Thank you.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for believing in me when I’ve lost confidence in myself. Thank you for loving me when I didn’t deserve it at all.

Thank you, for choosing me.

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I really think He does. You have this heart of gold when it comes to others. Helping strangers out of need. Thinking the best of others. Reminding people to be positive.

You always think of the little things, like bringing house gifts to my parents every time you come to visit, or bringing the umbrella when it looks like raining.

This kindness of yours, the one you might never notice, is the thing that makes me fall in love with you. The way you always stay behind and open the door for people. The way you walk last in a group to make sure everybody is first. Your selflessness.

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