about being happy

It’s no longer enough to be happy. Everyone else needs to be less happy than you in order for you to experience happiness.

If not, you will feel that there’s something missing – even when you’re actually experiencing wholeness. Everyone else needs to be less whole than you, less successful than you, less awesome than you.

And sometimes, if we’re honest, it’s just nice to know that there are people who are not that happy with their lives. Then, you can then pat yourself on the back and say, ‘Don’t worry, you still have this under control.’

I wonder if we mean what we say when we tell our friends, ‘I’m happy for you.’ To be really genuine about those words, you need to be absolute in having no selfishness. Or else, it can quickly translate to, ‘I’m happy for you, only if the state of your happiness is less than mine, even just for a little bit.’

No? You have never felt these feelings before? Then I applaud you. You always care about other people’s wellbeing. Me? I still have a lot to learn.

About being humble. And genuine. About being happy when people are happy. About being happy with my own life. And not comparing my life to yours.

Photo by All The Color, Creative Commons