1. The way I start my morning almost always dictates the mood for the rest of the day. I have finally realised the power of starting your day the right way.

2. Mistake is the best way for one to taste her own medicine. But it’s true that those people who learn from others’ mistakes are one step ahead.

3. Love is not always a bed of roses. But it’s not a bed of thorns either. And it’s still the closest thing we have to magic.

4. Growing up is a messy process, but it has its perks.

5. There is no right scale to compare working and university lives. One day you wish you were a student again and the next day you claim to be having the best job in the world. Guess what? The neighbour’s grass will always be greener.

6. A cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night can make all the difference.

7. You wish that you’ve started working on your dream and passion ten years ago. But today is not too late to start.

8. I have finally understood why people in their 30s and 40s can look back and ask, “Where does the time go?” It accelerates. In high school, it was slow. In university, it’s gotten faster, but not that bad. Working feels like you are on board the Life Express Train.

9. Sometimes it’s hard to talk to the friends you’ve grown up with in childhood but grew apart in your early adulthood. Out of sudden, you start comparing your success level to theirs. Strangely, you don’t do this to the people you’re still growing up with. At least not to that extreme.

10. It is almost always worse in your head compared to the reality. Pat yourself in the back when you have to.

11.  When it comes to someone who is romantically involved with you, pay attention to his actions more than his words. The one who truly loves you will prove your worth to him.

12. You worry. You worry about the future, of ever being able to be successful, of tomorrow, of your financials. It doesn’t do you any good. You haven’t figured everything out but that’s okay. Sometimes, you just need to have a little faith that things will work out.

13. No one is above temptation. Period. You might think those things happen to other people and that you are strong enough and that qualifies you to play with fire. It doesn’t.

14. You can plan everything to the dot. Actually, yes, you need to have a rough plan in your life. But plans change. Are you flexible enough to be spontaneous? Sometimes, it’s for the better.

15. The ones who take the most opportunity with the biggest risks are usually those who have nothing to lose. If they fly, they’ll fly higher, if they fall, they’ll fall deeper.

16. The best relationships are the ones you never see coming. They just… happen.

17. Do you have good mentors? They will help you get somewhere. They are invaluable and will teach you life lessons along the way. Treasure them.

18. Some questions are better left unasked; some things are better left unsaid; some words are better left unheard.

19. Never lose the wonder of a child within your eyes. There will always be a kid, full of innocence and endless curiosity and big dreams inside you, waiting to shine.

20. The good life is not about the pursuit of happiness, it’s about a life lived for others.

21. The greatest things in this world are faith, love, and hope. And the greatest among them is love.


*featured photo by Kathleen Zarubin