kiss in the rain

It’s Hollywood, it’s cliche, it’s all but overhyped romantic fantasy. Be it being saved from the dragons to wearing Cinderella’s glass shoes on your wedding day. Yeap. But I really want to know what it’s like.

Here are my top 10 romantic fantasies that I’d want to live to see the day.

10. Wearing Cinderella’s glass shoes on my wedding day.

Well, technically, I may not want to wear her actual shoes, but I really want shoes made of glass. It doesn’t have to be on my wedding day, but I want to see how those pretty looking transparent-bling-bling shoes look on me. I think I have wanted these shoes since I’m 17.

9. Love letter.

You are away at the moment. Maybe you are having work overseas. You are busy and communication between us is tense, because all I want is you and all you want is me, but others need your undivided attention at work. Then one uneventful sunny day I open the mail and receive a handwritten love letter from you.

(Bonus: After I open the letter, suddenly you hug me from behind and swing me around in the air).

8. Getting sent away by my Father on my wedding by walking down the grand staircase.

Do you know Titanic? I bet you do. And I bet you know the grand staircase on which Rose walks down to meet Jack. I want those stairs. And I want to know what it feels like to walk down with my Dad, and just before he gives my hand to the groom, he’ll whisper, “Take care of my little girl.” I think I’ll burst out crying right then and there.

7. Slow dance.

I have always wanted to know what it feels like to dance to our song. Will we forget the whole world? Will we still realise there are people dancing beside us? Will we think of nothing? Will life feel like a slow-motion movie scene?

6. “Will you marry me?”

Him on his knees. I never imagine my proposal day to be a mutual understanding of you, me, it’s time, we gonna tie the knot. I still want it to be done old-fashioned traditional style. With a ring.

5. Breakfast on bed.

It’s Saturday morning on the day of our first anniversary and you wake up at six to make me bacon, poached eggs, milk, orange juice, coffee, omelette, roasted tomatoes, or even spaghetti. Whatever it is, I don’t really care. I just want to wake up at nine with the smell of good food, seeing you entering our bedroom with handsome-looking food and its mind-blowing taste.

4. Kiss during fight.

You know, it’s one of those moments when I’m really, really upset with you for you have broken my heart somehow, and right when I’m yelling at you and (slightly) hitting you on the chest you grab my waist and kiss me, even though I’m reluctant to kiss you back. I assure you, after some time, I’ll kiss you back.

3. Waiting ’till I fall asleep.

So I am sick. Or tired. Or just being a pain because of my clinginess. But you don’t mind. And you stay beside me when I try to fall asleep, staring at my face, holding my hand, playing with my hair, patting my head. Then just a moment before I doze off you kiss my forehead and whisper to my ear, “I love you.” I believe I’ll have the sweetest dream ever.

2. Be ‘Titanic‘.

So we’re on this cruise. Or private yacht. Or something that floats on water, preferably the sea. So I begin to close my eyes and climb the rails on the edge of the ship. You are standing behind me, guiding me, protecting me to not fall. Then you take my hands off the rails and tell me to open my eyes. And we’ll believe we can fly.

1. Kiss in the rain.

Perhaps we are having our honeymoon at a beach somewhere and we have gone outdoors to grab a drink. It will be after sunset, and suddenly, the rain just falls out of nowhere. Already soaked wet, we blankly stare at people running for the shelters, as if confused. Then we break out laughing. Since we are already wet anyway, we take a walk along the beach, at night, when it’s raining. Then you take my hand, grab my waist, and kiss me in the rain.

Do you have overhyped romantic fantasies that you fancy to experience one day?